Kevin Alejandro’s Southland Departure

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The Witch is Here to Stay

True Blood's Kevin Alejandro (Jesus)

Spoiler alert!  If you are not caught up with TNT‘s Southland, please stop reading!

Kevin Alejandro, the actor known to us for playing nurse/witch Jesus on HBO‘s True Blood, has made a major career choice.  A choice which resulted in his Southland character’s being tragically killed in last week’s episode.  This came as a big shock to fans, who had come to love Detective Nate Moretta. had a chance to interview the actor, and find out what went down.  He begins by sharing some Southland background:

“As you know, [‘Southland’] kind of went through a rocky road with NBC… We got picked up our first season and then we got picked up for a bigger season and they cancelled us after we shot our sixth episode that we aired — we kind of spun around not knowing what was going on during that hiatus [prior to being picked up by TNT].”

He proceeded to land the role of Jesus Velasquez on True Blood, and tried his best to work both jobs.  But in the end, True Blood won out.  The strain of working on both TV shows proved to be too much, as he explains:

“Towards the end of ‘Southland,’ I was three days at ‘Southland,’ two days at ‘True Blood,’ just going back and forth, back and forth.  Productions were really cool about working it out and making it happen, but ‘True Blood’ is such a crazy, crazy schedule.”

Choosing to leave Southland meant the writers had to come up with a way to say goodbye to Detective Moretta.  He ended up getting struck on the back of the head, by a gangster — which was sadly inspired by a true story.  The method of his departure doesn’t bother him, as he says:

“I thought it was an amazing way to go out.  It was so unexpected and that’s the way life is. You never know, and it happened that quick — in four seconds you’re done.”

TV audiences were no doubt shocked and saddened, but can hopefully be appeased by watching Kevin on True Blood.  Let’s hope Alan Ball decides to keep him around for a good long while!  Lafayette deserves love too, no?

Did you catch this episode of Southland?  What did you think?  Are you looking forward to more Jesus action on True Blood?

Source: – Kevin Alejandro Reveals Reasons Behind His Shocking ‘Southland’ Departure

(Photo credit: Robert Voets/NBC)