King of Mississippi Talks to Fangoria Magazine at Comic-Con 2010

August 6, 2010 by  

Fangoria Magazine recently caught up with Denis O’Hare who portrays the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, on True Blood, at Comic Con 2010.  The interview starts off with Russell being asked what viewers can expect from The King in season 3.  We have already seen part of the King‘s intentions with wanting to be betrothed to the Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne, his association with werewolves, and his blatant disgust for humans and authority.

Denis explains that Russell has done some crazy things thus far on season 3 but also explains that vampire morals are very different from human morals.  He likes his characters association with the werewolves because he thinks they have a different attitude about how the different creatures should unite and interact. Denis also explains that Russell knows he needs to increase his power base and that is why he has decided to take on Sophie-Anne as his bride.

Denis was then asked about his character’s progression with over taking Bill Compton and acquiring Bill into his state.  Denis explains that everyone has their own agendas and goals. Russell‘s goal is to be honest with people and to have them be honest to him in return.  When they fail to do that then he has to figure out what he is going to do with them. At this point Denis explains that Bill Compton is a lot of things, but right now he is useful – time will only tell how long he remains useful to the King and his agenda.

Denis was also asked about Eric on the show and how viewers are seeing Eric‘s history unfold and it seems that Russell might be a big part of that history.  Denis explains that there is way more history to come and we will be seeing more of that as the season progresses. Denis also explains that there are so many great stories to tell and an endless amount of possibilities.

Denis ended the interview by saying that we can expect HUGE twists and storylines to go crazy starting in episode 7 and that everything will explode by episode 9.  Denis definitely has my curiosity peaked now – I can hardly wait to see what happens! One thing I know though is you can guarantee the King of Mississippi will have his hands all over it! Stay tuned!

SOURCE: Fangoria on YouTube

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)