Kristin Bauer From True Blood Gets Married

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kristin_bauer_true_blood_pamOn Saturday, August 1, 2009 Kristin Bauer who portrays Pam on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood married Abri van Straten, a South African singer-songwriter and lead vocalist and guitarist for a South African rock band, The Lemmings. Christine Won from presents a wonderful article describing how Kristin met the love of her life and her wedding day.

As Kristin mentions in the article she discovered her love by accident through his music. She was at an office and as she was about to sit down in a chair when she saw the CD sitting there and decided to listen to it.  When the CD began to play she found herself drawn to the music and became intrigued to find out more about the singer and the band.  She admits that when she contacted the manager of the band that she used her name as a way to get her foot in the door to meet Abri.  They met for coffee in January and the rest is history.

Saturday she back to her hometown of Caledonia, Wisconsin to be married among family in the backyard of her mother’s house, where her father’s ashes are scattered.  In a very sentimental moment, Kristin teared as she looked upon the ring on her left hand.  It was the engagement ring that her dad gave her mom more than 50 years ago sitting on her finger.  Now it was a symbol of the love and commitment that Kristin and Abri had made to one another.

Now that filming has completed for season 2 of True Blood, Kristin states that she enjoys coming back to Racine during the summer months to spend time with family, walking through downtown and taking in the Racine County Fair (she’ll kick off her first day of married life by going to the County Fair). Kristin states one of her favorite bakeries is O&H Danish Bakery on Douglas Avenue to which she exclaims, “Oh, and I can eat miles of kringle.” She also said that when she goes back to California she never forgets to take back with her a Kewpee burger or pick up cheese from Mars’ Cheese Castle in Kenosha for her friends.

Kristin (now Kristin Bauer-van Straten) mentioned that she and Abri were going to take in the Demolition Derby and fried fair food and then spend some time honeymooning in a cabin in northern Wisconsin.  Afterwards, Kristin and Abri will be heading back to L.A. and then divide their free time between Wisconsin and South Africa.

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