Kristin Bauer’s Guest Appearance on “Justified”

March 10, 2010 by  

The lovely and talented Kristin Bauer, who plays vampire Pam on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood has informed us that she will be making a guest star appearance in the new FX/Sony series “Justified” on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 10:00pm EST. The show premieres on Tuesday, March 16 and Kristin will be appearing in Episode 2 entitled “The Lord of War and Thunder.”

Here is a synopsis of the show:

“Justified” is the story of Deputy U.S. Marshal RAYLAN GIVENS (played by Timothy Olyphant from “The Crazies“, “Deadwood“, “Hitman“, “Damages“), a true-blued something of a throwback, given to wearing a Stetson and cowboy boots, carrying his sidearm in a hip holster – a weapon he only draws when he has to, and when he does, he shoots to kill, because, as he sees it, that’s the purpose of a gun.

Raylan was born and reared in the hill country of eastern Kentucky. It was in Harlan where he played ball, chased girls and dug coal. And it was from Harlan, at age 19, that he ran, determined to become a U.S. Marshal. Now, years later, after shooting a gun thug in a Miami hotel and thereby incurring the wrath of his Marshals Service superiors, Raylan has been sent in punishment (and by fate?) to the one place to which he vowed he would never return – Kentucky.

Kristin stated to us that “I bet it will be really good! Fun show.”

It sure sounds like it and we are definitely going to tune in to watch Kristin!  Check out the video trailers below.