Kristin Bauer Interacts with Fans at LUSH Store

November 8, 2009 by  

kristinFans recently had an amazing encounter with the lovely Kristin Bauer who plays Pam Ravenscroft on True Blood. Kristin showed up at a LUSH Store in Santa Monica this past Saturday. The fans report that Kristin was super nice, even to a flustered fan who almost missed the event due to extra heavy LA traffic. Kristin took pictures with her fans and signed their bottles of True Blood. Kristin also handed out autographed photos. The fans asked her about her fangs and if they were uncomfortable to wear. Kristin explained that they can be a bit annoying and that you have to get used to talking with them in because they can cause you to speak with a lisp. Kristin also talked about how excited she was to get started shooting season 3 next month. The fans expressed how disappointed they were that her character had such a little amount of air time last season and Kristin said that she was sure after hearing Alan Ball at the recent Paley event that Pam would see much more air time in season 3. Kristin also chatted with fans about her artwork. Kristin is a very accomplished and talented artist. You can view her work by visiting her website, Fans were pleased with how approachable Kristin was and how accommodating she was. The event was held in support of a cause Kristin is very passionate about, along with her co-star Alexander Skarsgard, “Tails for Whales”. To learn more about this cause you can visit their website here.


Photo Credit:  B. Henderson via