Kristin Bauer on Pam’s Future Love Life

November 12, 2009 by  

Kristin-Bauer-True-BloodWho else thinks it’s time for everyone’s favorite snarky vampire, Pam, to get some loving? Kristin Bauer, the actress who plays her, definitely agrees! In an interview with SheWired, Kristin discusses Alan Ball’s recent comment that Pam has a “lesbian vibe,” as well as how much she loves her job and why she is so vocal about animal rights.

When Kristin was asked the question we all want to know the answer to–What’s going to happen in Season 3?–she insists that she is in the dark as much as the fans!

“The writers tell us nothing! When I see the rest of the cast I’ll go, ‘Hey, what do you know?’ Or they’ll come up to me and say, ‘Do you know anything?’ [The writers] are very smart because I think they realize we’re all fans as well and we’re all excited and we’d probably talk. All we can sort of guess is what happens in the books and what Alan gives us.”

Kristin wouldn’t be surprised if Alan gave Pam a female love interest. She thinks it makes sense with the writing for her character so far. Who would she choose to get together with?

“I’ve been asked that and in every interview I just say somebody different because there are so many hot women and hot men on the show. If it were multiple choice, Choice A would be Sookie; Choice B would be [Fangtasia waitress] Ginger (Tara Buck); Choice C would be Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll). I would go all the way down to the multiple choice Z where it says ‘everyone’ and pick that one! I could see Pam with anybody and everybody, which I guess is really her character.”

Kristin also thinks it’s possible that Pam might join in on any new intimate relationships that Eric has. Having recorded Pam’s commentary of Season 2 for the Blu-Ray DVD special features, Kristin recalls saying, “I don’t think Eric would share Sookie with me.” It seems like Pam has remained closer and more loyal to her maker than we even realized! Kristin is just really excited to see what happens. She has complete faith in her executive producer to make the best story:

“Oh my gosh! Watching the show? With Alan Ball? The sky is the limit with him in the most wonderful way because he never sacrifices the plot or the theme for sensationalism. I just have full trust that he’ll do something that will entertain us all.”

If Pam were to have a female lover, Kristin hopes that she would also get some attention from female fans:

“That sounds amazing! Especially because of the screaming throngs of women that I encounter are screaming for Alexander and at a certain point, I’m like, ‘What am I, chopped liver?’ (Laughs) How about a little love for me?! Alexander doesn’t get all the chicks!”

Kristin talks at length about how much fun she is having on True Blood. It is her first project as an actor where she feels such great energy and excitement from the fans. Her favorite things about Pam are her clothes and her attitude:

“She’s such a composite being–[Costume designer] Audrey Fisher and the writers and the directors. I just love seeing what Pam is going to be dressed in. That’s really half of the fun for me. And the hair and makeup team. When I come out of that trailer after getting dressed it’s so much fun […] I think they’ve created a real interesting being. I think it’s logical and natural her viewpoints, which may be as frightening as she may be. But I think if you left the human race and became immortal and lived history and lived outside the bounds of convention, that this is exactly who maybe even I would become.”

If True Blood follows the same pattern as Charlaine Harris’ books, Kristin will begin having a more prominent part to play in the show, hopefully in Season three so that we can get more hilarious one-liners from Pam.

As we know from Kristin’s participation in IFAW’s Tails for Whales campaign, she is a big animal lover, which comes from growing up on a farm in Wisconsin and being close to nature and animals all the time. She tells a story about when she became more active in protecting animal rights:

“One day in 1996, I was going to the gym and there was a little Rottweiler puppy in the street, so I picked him up and took him home and that was it. I went to the shelters to get another dog for him and just walking through a shelter, I thought, “Oh this is wrong.” Then I volunteered at a shelter and I would see 20 dogs be put to sleep every single day. And that’s just one shelter. Sweet, beautiful dogs, there’s just not enough room. So I started thinking about it more and more and I realized where these dogs come from that are in pet stores. I just don’t like the hidden injustice here where if you just scratch below the surface you see that this isn’t right. That is again the same issues that Alan Ball is trying to address in True Blood: there’s just meanness and in turn, sadness. I just can’t stand that in any regard, whether it is for any minority, the rights of a group or the life of an animal.”

Kristin is clearly a very caring person, and she deserves all the happiness she has gotten working on True Blood!


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