Kristin Bauer: Pam Thinks Eric is the Best Maker Ever

June 24, 2010 by  

She has attitude, sarcasm and lots of pink outfits.  True Blood has now given vampire Pam more time to show fans other aspects of her character.

The New York Post‘s PopWrap interviewd Kristin Bauer about her upgraded role in the show’s 3rd season.  Kristin said that she always reads a new script immediately.  And this season, every single script revealed something new about Pam.

The Pam we know and love is still intact, but other layers have been added.  We will learn more about her deep relationship with Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), her sexuality, “how tough she is, how loyal she is” and she’s having a lot of fun with it.

“The main thing I keep thinking is ‘behind every good vampire is a great vampire‘ [laughs].  We find out exactly what her role is and how she feels she can best support her maker.  She obviously thinks Eric is the best maker ever and the activities that go with that can at times be a bit hairy, so you find out how strong her backbone is.”

Kristin said she can now feel Pam‘s immortality.  She’s a vampire with great integrity and depth of character who doesn’t have to be concerned with death.  She loves this about the series.  In addition to the eye candy and various forms of entertainment, “the show is about so much more than that”.

Referring to last Sunday’s scene that had Pam and Sookie (Anna Paquin) walking in on Eric in a compromising situation, Kristin was asked about Alexander‘s nudity.  “Yes, speaking of eye candy [laughs].  For hours, I just kept walking in and walking out on naked Alex.”

She thought of another time when she and Alex were in makeup.  Trying to hide his tan, the makeup ladies were massaging white lotion on every inch of his body.

Now that we’ll be seeing more of Pam, Kristin said she will have more dark, personal moments.  We will see other sides to her, “other …demons”, and this adds to her devotion to her maker.

It’s obvious Kristin loves her job.  She said she feels like she’s golden because with the lines they give her, she can’t lose.  Lines like, ‘Let’s visit the ladies room and stare at ourselves in the mirror’ are priceless.

Discussing Season 3 as a whole, Kristin said each episode builds up to an event in episode 9 that rocks the vampire world.

“Then .. oh man.  Every angle you look at, you think, I don’t know how these people are going to work this out.  I am so excited for everyone to see how great this season is.”

And Season 3 continues on Sunday nights on HBO.


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  • Loleaf

    OH GOOD, thanks Kristen! Not like we go crazy wondering what will happen from week to week.. now we will be pulling our hair out waiting for episode 9.. and wondering what will possibly happen! Yikes, and we are only on episode 3.. Rogaine anyone!! LOL! I absolutely love Pam and can’t wait to see the back story into her character, she is one of the reasons the Fangtasia scenes work so well. I hate that it looks that she will be tortured by the magister for the vamp blood, wonder how she’ll get out of it..we can only speculate.
    Also, boy oh boy I hope those make-up girls get paid must be torture to have to rub Alex down with the white lotion!! 😉 ***fanning myself profusely*** Tough Tough jobs..oh well somebody had to do it!! I’ll work for free!! 😉

    • val

      Hey girl-the line forms on the left!@@@@@@!

      • Loleaf

        Hey val *waving*, have no problems with waiting…but remember that there are 2 sides, we will have to flip a coin to see who gets what!!! *wink wink* LOL!!

        • val

          Oh my dear my inner- mind pictures are going wild!! In the first episode I was imagining Eric saundering NEKKED towards Sookie in the basement(with no “sock”!!!)for hours on end and,excuse my French,parts just kept expanding!(Well a girl can dream can’t she?!)Thats one of the fun things about this show-we can just picture some things anyway we want… harm no foul!
          SOOOOO lets get that coin hon and go for it!