Kristin Bauer Has Pam’s Personality

April 30, 2010 by  

Like her witty, sarcastic vampire character, Kristin Bauer admitted to ALIVE Magazine that she has pretty much been defiant and insubordinate much of her life. When she got the role as Pam on HBO‘s hit series True Blood, Kristin was delighted.  “Great!  I get to be sarcastic, witty, in great clothes killing people.  I’m there.”

While in art school at Washington University, Kristin did very poorly in the classes she didn’t like but excelled in the ones she enjoyed.  Her attitude carried over outside the classroom and she could only keep a job for two weeks before getting fired.  But now, True Blood will be starting its 3rd year (June 13) and Kristin‘s Pam is still co-owner of the vampire bar Fangtasia.

Acting was not in Kristin‘s original plans.  She wanted to play rock ‘n roll guitar.  But in the 90’s she was approached on a Los Angeles street and offered an acting role.  That original ambition, however, is not lost to her.  In August of 2009 she married South African guitarist, singer and songwriter Abri van Straten.

In the interview, Kristin said that since her character is not in the 3rd book of the Sookie Stackhouse series (on which True Blood is based), she has to wait for the new scripts to learn what comes next.

When she was asked which of Pam‘s vampire powers she finds most alluring, Kristin answered “I’ll go for the immortality – I’ll go for getting to stick around awhile.”  Without botox.


(Photo credit – Larry DiMarzio via ALIVE Magazine)