Kristin Bauer Gives Personal Interview with Milwaukee Talks

September 3, 2009 by  

kristin_bauer1Life for Wisconsin-native Kristin Bauer has changed a lot recently, from her marriage, to being part of hit HBO show True Blood. She spoke to Milwaukee Talks about growing up in Wisconsin, how much fun she has playing Pam and what she does in her free time.

Kristin says the popularity of True Blood is surreal and unexpected — not because she doesn’t think the show is good and deserving of recognition. But after working as an actor for so long, she now finds herself on a great show that people actually watch:

“I don’t know if it’s me having been in the business a bit and having gotten my hopes up so many times, because there’s so much about filming that I can’t control… I somehow have to focus on just saying the words and then forget about it. I assumed [True Blood] would be amazing because of Alan Ball, and I love vampires and the cast is so incredible. I was working on another show and halfway through the hair and makeup, someone said, ‘We just have to tell you that we love True Blood and you’re incredible as Pam!’ They were giving me attention that seems different than the other hit shows I’ve been on like Seinfeld. There’s a real mysterious component to this level of interest.”

Kristin has guest-starred in several shows, from Desperate Housewives to Bones to Boston Legal. Her part on Seinfeld in the “man hands” episode has had many people over the years stopping her to look at her hands. The comedic work is her favorite, so she enjoys that Pam on True Blood gets to be so funny.

Even though Kristin portrays one of the more minor characters on the show, she still gets tons of love from the fans:

“I’m extremely happy and flattered, and I also feel pretty lucky. It’s partially because of how well she’s written. The nice surprise to this season has been all the mail I’m getting.”

She has heard that Pam’s role expands with the third book but she doesn’t know what Alan Ball will decide to do.

The conversation turned to her childhood in Racine, Wisc. She describes life as being so much simpler there and without the stresses of L.A. and the entertainment business. Spending so much time on her family’s farm, she has always been very in touch with nature and caring towards animals. She returned home for her marriage to Abri van Straten:

“We used wildflowers from the farm. It was like a picnic wedding.”

Kristin also finds joy in painting. She says that art is meditative for her and keeps her sane. Her vision for the future seems unusually calm for an actor:

“I would actually love to just do True Blood and the rest of the year paint. And I’d like to paint for a few months of the year in South Africa… And we’d both love to have a house in Wisconsin. It would be really nice to be here half of the year.”

It’s refreshing to read about someone like Kristin who is so happy with what she has. She loves her husband, she loves her job and she just wants to enjoy life.


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