Kristin Bauer Reveals Pam Tidbits in New Interview

May 26, 2010 by  

The Lesbian and Bisexual Blog, AfterEllen, recently interviewed Kristin Bauer about Pam‘s role in Season 3 and Kristin‘s take on the show’s approach to civil liberties. The majority of the interview focused on Pam‘s sexuality and her relationship and interaction with Eric in Season 3. Kristin Bauer became a series regular this year, and Pamtakes on a bigger role in the upcoming season, coming out as “omnisexual” and also delving into her first “relationship” with a woman.  The interview reveals a few interesting details about the show (Eric and Pam actually communicate with each other in Swedish) as well as Kristin‘s enthusiasm for portraying Pam and her interest in the social issues the show tackles.

In the interview Kristin confirms that Pam is going to play a bigger role this season due to the character being a fan favorite! She says she was unsure how things would play out as her husband had told her that Pam really didn’t have a larger role until Book 4.

“So, this is Season 3 and I thought “OK, maybe next year,” and then they called and said “No, we wanna do it this year.” So it was really a mystery and also good, a huge Christmas gift.”

Kristin also reveals that Pam is “definitely bisexual” and she has an “amusement” this season (she believes Pam‘s only real relationship is with her maker, Eric).

AfterEllen complements Pam‘s fashion sense saying that often times people assume lesbians have poor fashion taste. Kristin confirmed that “Pam is definitely going to be a gay woman with a sense of style.”

Kristin revealed that Alexander Skarsgaard actually helps her translate parts of her script into Swedish, which is the language Pam and Eric speak to each other (and I always thought it was Vampirese!).  She claims to “have no idea what [she’s] saying!”

Kristin also believes that the show is a “metaphor for life” and shows all sides and aspects of humanity.

“I love to be part of a show that doesn’t shy away from the whole rainbow — not to make a cliche — of life. The whole spectrum. You know, we’re gonna have to figure out how to live together, and we’re gonna have to figure out how to go, “OK, this is my thing, but if that’s your thing, cool. I’ve got my hands full over here with my life, I don’t need to worry about your life.”

Lastly, at the risk of making Producers “mad”, Kristin conceded that Queen Sophie-Anne is definitely around in Season 3!

Kristin is clearly more than your average actress, and it looks like Pam will continue to surprise and captivate fans in Season 3Season 3 starts June 13 on HBO.


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)