Kristin Bauer Talks About Halloween True Blood Style

October 26, 2009 by  

Kristin Bauer as True Blood's PamIn writing a piece on True Blood vampire-themed Halloween parties, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel called Wisconsin native, Kristin Bauer (True Blood‘s Vampire Pam) for suggestions.  Kristin Bauer, who is a native of Racine, Wisconsin, plays the delightful Pam on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood and was asked by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel asked how a sweet girl from Wisconsin can to into such a deadly vampire.

“It’s shockingly easy. Somehow, I just try to do my most dry and sarcastic self,” she said. “The other aspect that I concentrate on is to try to physically look immortal and powerful. Honestly, I think 90% of Pam is from (costume designer) Audrey Fisher. With Audrey dressing her, the work is almost done,” said Bauer, who wears an enviable collection of high heels in the show but who prefers flip-flops at home. “The wardrobe is stunning, and the shoes are unbelievable.”

Certainly, any fan of the show knows that even Eric Northman notices that Pam has great pumps. There is a stark contrast between the “dressed-to-kill” tight-bodiced dresses and glam makeup Pam wears for work at Fangtasia and the way she dresses when she’s off duty, generally looking more like a soccer mom than a bloodsucking queen of the night. But in both settings, she has those amazing pumps, and anyone planning to dress as Pam for Halloween will have to plan the wardrobe around those Pam-tastic shoes.

Kristin also talked with the Journal Sentinel about the surge in popularity of Alan Ball‘s True Blood HBO vampire drama:

I think people find the show compelling because it’s really well-written. It’s layered with social commentary and metaphors to what people deal with in life, and really, just what it’s like being alive on planet Earth.

True Blood vampires are the hot theme in Halloween this year, and the Journal Sentinel has some great recipes to spice up your get-together.  In honor of Pam, they recommend serving a Vampire‘s Kiss martini, which is, of course, blood red with pomegranate juice as a base.

The Vampire‘s Kiss martini will be the featured drink on Thursday, when Kristin and some of the other other members of the True Blood cast and their pets will attend the True Blood Hounds event, a True Blood themed fundraiser for the Los Angeles animal rescue, the Amanda Foundation.

Kristin has other ideas for what Pam would serve her guests on Halloween, however:

“She would definitely serve, what we called at home, cannibal sandwiches, with the raw meat and onion. Blood orange martinis and … red velvet cake because it’s so sophisticated. That deep red cake, it’s so shocking. Like Pam.”

Though Kristin loves Milwaukee regional favorite kringles, she won’t be serving them to anyone during the fundraising event.

I order it all the time and have it sent to people out here. They love it. Even though everyone here is trying to lose weight, and they beg me not to send it to them, I still do because they’re so good.

Kristin has been very busy while waiting to start filming the next season of True Blood, with appearances on Private Practice, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, and Three Rivers. But she can’t wait to get back into Pam‘s shoes once more:

The two hospital shows had very mortal storylines. All that human stuff is seriously taxing. I keep telling the (“True Blood“) producers to get us back into production…I seriously just want my fangs and heels back.

The fans want Kristin and the rest of the cast back as well.

For more True Blood Halloween party ideas from the Journal Sentinel, check out their character inspired recipes, including Pam‘s “Vampire’s Kiss” Martini, Eric Northman‘s Swedish Meatballs, Sookie Stackhouse‘s “I’m a Little Bit Nutty” Pecan Pie Bars, Lafayette Reynold‘s “Shut Up and Eat it” Gumbo, and Bill Compton‘s “Glamour” Dip and Chips.


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