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kristin bauer Kristin Bauer who portrays the stylish and witty, Pam, on True Blood talked to Entertainment Weekly for their PopWatch Blog on During this mammoth interview Kristin answered questions about portraying Pam on True Blood, meeting Alexander Skarsgard, the upcoming season finale, and much more! During the interview Kristin was asked by Entertainment Weekly why she won’t be appearing in the season finale episode of True Blood. Here is what she had to say:

“It’s not fair! I’ve been asking fans to tell me what happens in the next books because I’ve been holding off on reading them ’cause I’m a fan of the show, too, and it’s more exciting if the scripts come and I don’t know what happens. I keep asking them, “What does Pam do next year?” I have no idea what Alan Ball is gonna do. None of us do. I talked to Alexander this week: “Do you have any idea about Season 3?” He said, “Nothing.””

Kristin also discussed the background story behind how Pam and Eric met and explained that there will be a special feature on the Season 2 Blu-ray that will deal with that exact story. Here Kristin explains:

“It was 34 pages of writing, straight Pam. It gives you Pam’s viewpoint on everything that happens in the vampire world in season 2. It also fills in everything I’ve been wondering about PamAlexander was wondering about Pam….We kept asking producers what their relationship was.”

When asked why her and Alexander had never been told the background story before Kristin said:

“Every time we’d ask, it was some night shoot, 2 a.m., we’re all giddy, and we would just start laughing and joking almost immediately, so we never got any details. When I saw the writers for the Blu-ray, I said, “This was wonderful. Thank you. It was really fun to find out about Pam,” and they said, “Us, too!” It feels like we’re all creating it as we go. Pam was turned about 100 years ago. It seems from this writing, Pam sought Eric out. She was living a very wealthy, upper-crust life and these little men were lining up to court her and she’d be married off to one of these people, and she’s a real feminist: She looked at what her life would be and said, “No.” She met Eric and he split her world apart and she never looked back. So she really went after him.”

This quote made Entertainment Weekly ask if this meant there was a romantic story behind Eric and Pam. Kristin answered by saying:

“Yeah, it was. Alexander and I would always joke during the season, “Were they a couple?” “Well yeah, the first 100 years were very passionate but it’s sorta cooled.” [Laughs] I just decided to play it that way. She is extremely enamored and impressed and loyal to Eric. In the Blu-ray, she just thinks that being a maker is an incredible position to be in and that Eric is the best maker you could ever have. She was released by Eric — she is with him and at his side because she believes that this guy is one of a kind.”

Later EW asked the actress how she landed the role of Pam. Here Kristin explains the funny way she found out she would be playing Pam in True Blood:

“The casting people who are nominated for an Emmy, Junie Lowry-Johnson and Libby Goldstein, are responsible for half my career. They called me in to read for Alan Ball. There are some characters that you feel are just in you — you can play this person, and you can play this person better than most. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna get it. Then I went to the Philippines to shoot this movie, Subject: I Love You, and the producer said, “You know, you’re starting on this other show the day after you fly back from here.” I said, “What other show? Where are my agents? I didn’t hear about this? Do they have my phone number?”And she said, “Let me look….True Blood.” And I was like, “What audition was that?” My protective mechanism is that I go in, I read, and then I try to forget about it because it’s too sad when you don’t get something. She said, “It’s the vampire role.” And I went, “Oh, thank you, Lord!” I get so many messages from actor friends that I haven’t heard from in 10 years saying, “I’m so jealous.” I don’t know what it is that we’re witnessing with vampires and their popularity, but actors as well really yearn to play these immortal dead killers.”

At one point in the interview Kristin was asked if the series would follow true to Charlaine Harris’ books and Pam and Sookie would develop a “friendship” on the show. Kristin had this to say:

SPOILER ALERTAnna [Paquin] is just an absolute riot and couldn’t be more talented, so it would be so much fun. I’ve heard about that, too, from fans, that Eric loses his memory and gets really soft and sensitive, and they form a friendship and help him. It’s really fun to see Alexander get to play Eric in ways that we don’t expect, like when he tries to be human. It’s really entertaining. He’s so funny.”

Later on in the interview Kristin answered some of her fan’s questions. One such question that was asked was, which character on True Blood would she like to have more scenes with? Kristin answered:

Terry Bellefleur [Tad Lowe], the shell-shocked guy who’s in the relationship with the waitress Arlene this season. It’d be like, have you ever seen a cat play with a mouse? They just take a really long time to kill it because they’re sort of bored and entertained by it.”

Another fan stated that Pam should have a love interest on the show and asked Kristin who she would choose for Pam to be involved with.

“Well, my sick mind looks for something that we haven’t seen before. Apparently in the books, she’s bisexual. So I thought we haven’t seen a vampire with a vampire in a love way, and we haven’t seen two women together, so what about her and Jessica? [EW gasps] Right?!”

During the last half of the interview Kristin goes on to discuss how she met her husband, Abri Van Straten and her upcoming appearance in an episode of the tv series, “Private Practice”.

“I play a mom of a 13-year-old girl who gets pregnant and disappears. I find her again and she’s not doing well. The mom and daughter have to fight and cry and scream and try find a way to reconcile and save the life of her baby. I can tell you it’s harder to play a human. At the end of the week, I said to my husband, “So when is True Blood coming back? Where are my pumps and my teeth?””

Kristin we couldn’t agree with you more. We look forward to seeing Kristin and her fangs when True Blood returns with season 3!!

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

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  • val

    “where are my pumps and my teeth?!” She is so great! Love her!

  • Carol Lawrence

    I agree. I would love to see more screen time for Pam and Eric. Pam is a hoot and would add a comedy approach. Maybe her and Jason. Oh wow!

    • missyella

      Yes Pam amd Jason,

      I thought I detected a spark between them, the first time Jason went to Fangtasia.

  • Loleaf

    Kristen needs more screentime!! She is such a funny Pam, I can not wait to see more of her!!!! I hope that they follow the friendship of Sookie and Pam from the books… Their banter back and forth is so priceless…