Kristin Bauer van Straten on the Evolution of Pam

August 8, 2010 by  

We had to go a couple of episodes without seeing Pam on True Blood, but she came back into the picture with her characteristic flair in “Hitting the Ground” this past week. Kristin Bauer van Straten talks about that great closing scene, among other things, in an interview with Movieline before the actress goes on vacation for a month with her husband, Abri.

Kristin describes her point of view for the showdown between Russell and the Magister in the basement of Fangtasia:

It was a pain in the bone in the back of my skull and the base of my butt! It was really funny, because through that [final scene in the last episode] where Denis O’Hare was so good and Zeljko [Ivanek] was unbelievable, I was lying there staring at the ceiling for seventeen hours, listening to it.

What becomes just minutes on the final product takes much longer to put together. For example, Kristin describes that cool moment where the King, in a flash of vampire speed, releases Pam from the silver chains and puts the Magister on the table, in reality took twenty minutes to film.

Kristin seems to enjoy being on True Blood even more in Season 3 than she did before. She has grown closer to members of the cast, especially Alex, Anna, and Stephen, and working together is easier and more fun after all the time they’ve spent with each other on set. Her status upgrade to series regular has also meant that Pam gets to do more than deliver the clever one-liner and leave:

You know, it’s really wonderful for me to see these episodes because Pam gets more and more vulnerable and she gets put in some very dire emotional and physical circumstances. That was so rewarding and fun for me — it felt like a new door had been opened and I got to find out a whole new layer about who she was.

And as always, Kristin loves the outfits she gets to wear. She says that getting fitted for a new Pam outfit is like “Christmas morning”–she knows it’s going to be amazing, but she’s always so excited to see the clothes.

For the rest of Season 3, Kristin talks about how things escalate in the vampire world because of the King’s plans. Pam gets caught up in that and unfortunately doesn’t have much more mentoring time with Jessica.

We look forward to seeing what happens to Pam in the last five episodes of the season, and wish Kristin a safe and happy trip!


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