Kristin Bauer Van Straten Talks About Episode 9 “Everything is Broken”

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Kristin Bauer van Straten True Blood Vampire PamKristin Bauer Van Straten is known for her talent and big heart; she splits her time between acting and charity. However, what about Pam, the character she plays in True Blood? As much as fans love Pam, there’s a lot that they don’t know about her. In Season 3, Episode 9: Everything is Broken, fans get a little more information about this vampire fashionista.

Recently, Pam was in danger of being tortured to death for her involvement in selling V. Eric was frantic to save her because he’s her maker, but what was their relationship before: lovers or friendship? When shooting began, this wasn’t very clear, but with Episode 9, it has become apparent that the relationship between Eric and Pam is a paternal one, and that Pam considers Eric a father figure.

It’s clear that Pam thinks Eric is better maker than Bill. A reluctant maker is awful because they end up not teaching the things a new vampire needs to know. Bill still has feelings of guilt for creating Jessica, while Eric never had those feelings with Pam. He created Pam with love; love for her and for being a vampire. To Pam this makes Eric is a great maker, but her bond with him may be her weakness.

The Season 2 Blu Ray gives a lot of  insight on Pam and her history with Eric. It’s here fans find out she’s 100 years old. She was stuck in a small world world that kept crippling limitations on women. Pam was very strong in character and didn’t like the world she was living in; she chose to go against the grain by being secretively promiscuous. For Kristin, Pam

“sought Eric out and pursued being a vampire and never looked back.”

Aside from her past, Pam’s sexuality and love interests are also things fans talk about.While some fans argue over which guy is better for Sookie: Eric or Bill, others think Sookie should give Pam a chance. Kristin thinks it’s an interesting idea:

“Two women who understand each other, who could go shopping together for eternity? Sounds kind of awesome.”

These creative imaginative scenarios are possible because Pam has been a part of True Blood since the beginning. Many characters come in only to be killed off by the end of the season. Kristin’s glad her character is in all the books so far, which makes it a little harder for her to get the ax. She hopes to stick around, but the books and the show, are not carbon copies of each other. About the characters who die Kristin says,

“Every table read where two or three go, there’s sort of a hush over the room.”

Both her good friends Mariana Klaveno, who played Lorena, and Michelle Forbes, who played Maryann, were both killed off. Though she misses having them around the set, Kristin insists that they have a great time when they all hang out off set.

With so many characters being killed off, the stakes are higher for the characters still alive. Pam’s integrity and loyalty will be tested further. Her physical strength will also be tested in the future episodes. Will she be as strong physically as she is mentally?

Hopefully so, given that Pam has become a fan favorite. In a world that forces people to censor their thoughts and feelings all the time, it’s refreshing for fans to meet a character like Pam, who has none of these restraints; she’s straight forward and unapologetic. She’s true to who she is. And she does it all in a great pair of pumps and an expensive pink cardigan.


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