Kristin Bauer von Straten on True Blood

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iF Magazine recently had the chat to talk to the one and only Kristin Bauer, the newest cast regular on True Blood who plays the delicious Pam Ravenscroft, right hand vampire to Eric Northman. Kristin talked about being a regular on the show, doing the Season 2 DVD commentary, and many other things.

Kristin began the interview by crediting costar Alexander Skargard‘s performance as Eric Northman as the basis of the hard-to-phase Pam. She says she decided to copy what Alex was doing, but she really made it her own, and we got an excellent Pam because of it, which probably explains why Pam is now one of the most popular characters on True Blood.

Everyone wants more Pam, and wants to know more about her. We want to know who Pam was as a human, why she was turned, etc. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon, as Kristin did when she worked on the Season 2 DVD commentary.

I did the [commentary] and there were thirty-four pages of dialogue, and Pam is commenting on the show and everybody, other scenes on the show and constantly making fun of Bill and talking about her relationship with Eric. A hundred years ago, he made her [a vampire]. I don’t know how much of the story that’s in the DVD ended up staying, because I guess they had to change a couple of things, but it was apparently a romantic relationship and she sought [Eric] out and wanted to be a vampire badly. She’s really most unapologetic. This was not an accident. She met Eric, her life changed and she was ready to go.

Of course, becoming a vampire didn’t change everything. Kristin said that Pam‘s not jealous of Sookie or any of the other female characters because she’s bisexual. In fact, it’s become a common for Kristin to call PamPam-sexual” besides joking around about Pam‘s relationship with her maker Eric.

Pam also has a definite preference for which vampires she likes and doesn’t like. On the ‘like’ list in the number 1 position is Eric. (Godric also features prominently on the list because of what he means to Eric.) Of course, we don’t know many other vampires on that list yet, but there’s one with the potential to be: new baby vampire Jessica. Pam feels sorry for Jessica because she thinks that Jessica‘s maker, Bill, is rather annoying.

The interview with Kristin didn’t end there. Kristin also talked about wearing the fangs, how True Blood creates the image of vampires moving so quickly, and her outfits. To read the rest of this highly entertaining interview, click here and enjoy!

SOURCE: iF Magazine

(Image Credit: HBO Inc, screenshot by Isis Nocturne)