Kwanten on Manson Role: I’m Not in this Business to Make Easy Choices

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Ryan Kwanten opens up about his film characters and why he chooses them:

Ryan Kwanten, True Blood's Jason Stackhouse, is interviewed by AP

In a video interview while promoting his new Australian western, ‘Red Hill,’ (Release date: Nov. 4) True Blood‘s Jason, Ryan Kwanten, explained more about why he chose to star in the upcoming Charles Manson film, “The Family.”

The fellow most of us know as good-guy brother to Sookie Stackhouse, explained that he’s ‘not in this business to make easy choices,’ and that he’d like to (take roles) that inspire him.

When asked by AP what motivates him to chose to portray the characters he does Kwanten said, ‘(Manson) is an iconic character who is extremely captivating.’  He continued, “I don’t think his story has been depicted properly in a feature film.’  Kwanten went on to explain that he and director Scott Kosar wish to ‘make a film that humanizes the victims.’

In Hollywood for the Red Hill premiere on Halloween night, being supported by several True Blood costars, Kwanten continues to stay busy in promotion of Red Hill, a “Revenge Western” film, that he explains, “will scare you.”

Any Scoop On True Blood, Season 4?

Ryan Kwanten, True Blood's Jason Stackhouse, sits for an AP interview.

When queried about True Blood Season four, Kwanten explained that he “knows nothing about season 4.” Kwanten seems to prefer “not knowing” as character Jason Stackhouse, too. The Aussie-born & bred actor describes Jason as “not the most analytical guy,” and “cerebrally challenged” but, he continued, ‘It’s important to me that (Jason) stay as naive and vulnerable as possible’ as there is ‘a manliness to being vulnerable; there’s power and manliness in expressing emotion,’ traits that he believes Jason has and he wishes to keep as pure as possible.

When the interviewer suggested that the Jason Stackhouse character was ‘clueless,’ Kwanten replied, ‘(Jason) may be clueless but he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s a good man at the bottom of it.’

Kwanten did reveal that season 4 True Blood filming commences on December 1 and that he’ll probably see his script for the first time about a week or two before shooting gets underway.

To hear more of what Ryan said to AP Live, check out the video below!

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Source: AP Live – Ryan Kwanten 10/28/2010

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