Lafayette’s Headwear Can Get Very Involved Says Nelsan Ellis

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A Head Wrap for Every Day

LafayetteLafayette Reynolds, played by Nelsan Ellis, is one of the most beloved characters on True Blood. He was famously killed at the end of Charlaine Harris’ first Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) novel, Dead Until Dark but True Blood creator Alan Ball loved the character too much and decided to keep him around.

One of the things that Nelsan didn’t expect however after being kept on the show was how complicated Lafayette’s headwear would become. The character is already flamboyant enough in his decorating, makeup and clothing choices. But who knew his accessories could be just as complicated?

In an interview conducted by What’s On, the actor elaborates on the wide range of wraps costume designer Audrey Fisher has used for Lafayette over the course of the show. In season two, the Merlotte’s cook and sometimes “V” dealer was seen in sixteen different headpieces leading to a continuity problem on the show. The clip regarding Lafayette’s headwear can be seen below:

Despite his headwear being a so-called nightmare, we can’t wait to see what he wears on his head and the kind of fabulousness he’ll bring to season 4!

Source: What’s on “True Blood Star’s Headwear is a Nightmare.”

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