Lauren Bowles Says Holly is Not a Witch

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Lauren Bolwes True Blood Holly ClearyLauren Bowles loves her job playing Holly Cleary, Merlotte’s new waitress on HBO‘s True Blood. But speaking with MovieWeb, she could only share a very little bit of information about her.

Leading up to the season’s finale, we will learn a bit more about what Holly is up to. She does not consider herself a witch but does follow the Wiccan lifestyle. Lauren said that Holly and Arlene continue to become good buddies. In her words, “there is a blooming friendship there that will grow”.

Although Lauren referred to Alan Ball‘s statement that next season will be “The Year of the Witch”, she has no idea what his plans are. However, Alan did reveal recently that the character, Hallow Stonebrook, will be introduced as a were-sorceress. Lauren thinks she will be the big Season 4 villain.

When asked if she thinks Alan will follow Charlaine Harris‘ books regarding the storyline of Holly, Lauren couldn’t say.

“That is such a good question. This is how good Alan is, because you cannot pin him down. There are a lot of things that he has stuck to. I know he uses the books as blueprints, but he veers story wise when he feels it is best to veer.”

One open question relates to Holly and Hoyt. In the books they get together. But Jessica has been created as Hoyt‘s love interest, so there’s no telling what’s in store for Holly‘s love life. On a personal level, Lauren would definitely like to see Holly and Hoyt hook up.

Talking about how True Blood creates its own reality, Lauren said when she’s in the real world she starts viewing it through the eyes of her fictitious character. In fact, she said she still gets shocked when Ryan Kwanten talks in his native Australian accent. She expects to hear Jason Stackhouse because the characters have come to life for her.

When asked if she thinks vampires are real, Lauren vehemently said no. She believes that “vampires are the ultimate symbol of the bad boy outsider”.

As far as the content of the scripts are concerned, Lauren has so much admiration for Alan Ball‘s vision and writing, that she gets super excited when she gets her scripts.

Alan Ball has a very dark sensibility, but it’s a twisted, funny one that I really gravitate towards.”

And having the show run in the summertime is just where it belongs. Lauren said that like the the summer, True Blood is hot and steamy.

Season 3 concludes on September 12th. Don’t miss these last few episodes.

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