Lauren Bowles Pinches Herself Over True Blood

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Lauren Bowles True Blood Holly ClearyTalking with The National Ledger, Lauren Bowles said she is definitely bringing her character, Holly Cleary, back to Bon Temps in Season 4 of HBO‘s True Blood.

Referring to creator Alan Ball‘s revelation that Season 4 will be “the season of the witch”, Lauren said her casting as a witch is “completely surreal”.

“I watched the show from the beginning, so I couldn’t have been more psyched about becoming a part of this world.  It didn’t seem within the realm of possibility.  I’m pinching myself.”

Holly was introduced late in the season as a single mom with ‘skills’, taking on the waitress job at Merlotte’s.  Her role is becoming more prominent as is her relationship with Arlene (Carrie Preston).  But other than stating she’s returning next season, Lauren says she doesn’t know much else.

While waiting for filming to start up again, Lauren stays busy with her 16 month-old daughter and the new house she and her husband recently moved into.

We don’t know what we’ll see witch Holly doing in the season finale, but fans will just have to wait until it airs on September 12. Yes, waiting sucks!

Source: – Meet ‘True Blood’s’ Rising Witch, Lauren Bowles

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  • D.Reilly

    Maybe …SOOKIE… tries to ‘save’ Eric !!??*** season finale; just days away.I’m still re-reading my Charlaine Harris novels. & hoping that True Blood will NOT ‘kill-off’ Eric! Book 4 and season 4}need to have some themes ‘alike’. ( our ‘viking’ must live..& go on to many more ‘adventures’ !! give Eric some ‘love’ & ‘battle-scenes’..action.& he does ‘get’ Sookie, in more ways than one!! )Tara..forget it already !! (Eggs, Franklin, & now Sam…give us a ‘break’..she’s supposed to end -up with ‘dim-wit’ football player. That girl got too much of the “DRAMA” already !! Eric is supposed to be ‘getting the scenes’….THAT’S WHO WE ALL HAVE BEEN …”DYING” TO SEE !!!~~~~~Can only HOPE for season 4 to ‘deliver’ !! (maybe staying ‘closer’ to storylines ala Harris can win an “award” next season !! LESS STORYLINES, Mr. Ball…and MORE of what your “FANS” are begging for !!

    • But not everyone wants the same things to happen. I’ve read all the books, and I still think Ball’s got the better product. The awards will come when the folks who vote for them stop being afraid of genre shows. 🙂

    • Well D. Reilly you can’t say “THAT’S WHO WE ALL HAVE BEEN …”DYING” TO SEE !!!” because there are many who do not feel that way at all and are looking forward to seeing what Alan has to offer and up to now he has been verging off the books which, I can only speak for myself, I particularly enjoy. Ok I’m just going to tease you a little so please humor me, but if I had said “Bill is supposed to be ‘getting the scenes’….THAT’S WHO WE ALL HAVE BEEN …”DYING” TO SEE !!!” you could see how that blanket statement could ruffle some people’s feathers. LOL Just can’t wait to see what is going to happen. 🙂