Lauren Bowles Talk About her Character Holly Cleary

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She’s new in town and we will meet her on Sunday.  Lauren Bowles is Holly Cleary, Merlotte’s newest waitress.  In an interview on Fancast, we learned a few things about Lauren and about Holly.

Lauren said she only had one audition for the role and did not expect to get the part.  And because she was a huge fan of True Blood and everything Alan Ball, she screamed when she did get it and when she found out that Holly would be coming back in Season 4.

“I always knew it was a possibility.  When I got that call, it was another huge scream!”

As with the other actors on the show, Lauren was pretty tight-lipped about her character.  In Charlaine Harris‘ books, Holly is a witch.  Rumor has it that Alan is keeping to the books on this one, but Lauren said she signed a confidentiality agreement and can’t confirm or deny.  She did, however, say that Holly has “some interesting abilities that will develop”.

Holly is a single mom and she and Arlene become good friends.  Off the set, Lauren has bonded with both Carrie Preston (Arlene) and Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), who she says is “pretty easy to look at”.

The interview got around to asking Lauren about her True Blood favorite characters.

“I was a ginormous Lafayette fan.  Huge Hoyt fan.  Huge Jason fan.  Jason honestly deserves his own spin off.  He’s hilarious.  Arlene, obviously.”

Regarding Team Bill or Team Alcide, Lauren said she doesn’t know how anyone can not vote for Bill.  He and Sookie “just seem destined”.

Now here’s a great question for the new waitress.  “What’s the best thing on the menu at Merlotte’s?”

Answer: “I’m not going to lie.  It’s not the best food in town, but you’re pretty safe with a bowl of gumbo and a beer.”

Meet Holly Sunday night – True Blood, on HBO.


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