Lauren Bowles Talks True Blood Season Four

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Why We Love Her

During an interview for Hall Pass, Lauren Bowles was around to ask some questions about the new season four of True Blood. Lauren is  known to us “truebies” as Holly Clearly who is a witchy waitress at Merlottes with an adorable little boy.

True News

While Lauren was careful about what she said,

“I want to keep my job”, she did spill the beans on a few things.  Lauren says, “”I can say that because Alan [Ball] acknowledged that at the end of last season, that this year would be the season of the witch. Anything that’s already out there I can confirm. But outside of that, not much. I can tell you this much: it’s a fantastic job and I’d like to hold on to it.”

She dishes on the cast by saying that they are all truly that nice, and awesome to work with on a show.

Hall Pass

Her recently released movie Hall Pass was talked about as well, where she described working with the Farrelly Brothers as a dream, and while at that time she had not seen the whole movie, she was very excited about the production.

Can’t wait to see this witch again and more this season starting in June.

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