Lauren Bowles of True Blood on Wiccans and Witches and Weres

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When Lauren Bowles found out about the audition for the role of Holly Cleary on the Emmy Award winning HBO series, True Blood, she was “over the moon”. Lauren reveals in her latest interview with thetvchick that since she never really thought she’d actually get the role of Holly, why not just go enjoy meeting everyone and do her best?”When I got the call,” Lauren says,” I can’t even tell you, it’s like I spontaneously combusted. I was so excited.” She was also a big fan of Alan Ball long before True Blood and considered American Beauty one of her all time favorite movies. Lauren believes Alan Ball is brilliant says, “I think becoming a part of something that he’s at the helm of, was really just an absolute dream come true.”

What Makes the Show and The Role of Holly So Special?

I’ve done guest spots on a gazillion different shows. And when you just come in to do the one show for a week and then you’re gone, you’re really more of a literary device than you are a real person or character. It’s hard to develop something quickly, and so that’s what great fun about her. I really think they’ve got a good vision of her and where they want her to go and so that’s been great fun to just sort of play a more fleshed out character. And then on top of it, I know this is a boring sound byte and you’ll think it’s just bullshit, but it’s the coolest set and I’m not just saying that. It truly is. Because trust me, I’ve been on plenty of sets that just are like “Oh God, get me out of here.” This is just the opposite of that. It really is. Everyone from wardrobe to makeup to hair to the cast to the writers and producers, everyone just seems really happy to be here. That’s rare.

Black Cat Got Your Tongue?

Lauren mentioned that the only information about her character, or the show, that she can discuss is what has already been revealed.  But she admits, “I’m not really being coy either, I have really no idea where they plan to go with her.  Lauren believes Holly is intuitive,  grounded and that her character has a huge heart and relates to people. She believes Holly and Arlene share common experiences such as being working moms and that’s what brought them together. She also noted that she’d love to see the relationship between Holly and Arlene expand and a friendship with Sookie would be wonderful. Finally it’d just be wonderful to be integrated into the town in general.

What Has Been the Most Difficult Part So Far?

Probably just learning to honor the tone in the world that I’m entering, and wanting to feel like “Okay, I’m here and I fit and it looks like I should be here.” Just because when you’re new to the party, there’s always that wallflower in all of us that’s sort of like “Oh wait, how’d I get here? Wait, I want to do good.” And so I’d probably say that element. Because just like I said, I’m such a fan, so I really wanted to make sure that I honored the world.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

When it comes to fangs versus fur Lauren believes Holly is very open minded. She doesn’t think her character would judge a person, or animal for that matter, by their gene pool.  She thinks that Holly depends more on her powers of intuition to help her sense who is good or who is up to no good.
And if you’re wondering if there are any fellas in Bon Temps that Lauren thinks Holly would like to hang out with,  the answer is, YES!  Hoyt and Jason.  She says she’s a huge fan of both of these gentlemen as well as all the vampires.  She admitted it doesn’t hurt in the least that all of the guys are pretty easy on the eyes.
As for whom Lauren hangs out with in her personal life? Well, that would be her husband, fellow actor, Patrick Fischler.  The two love nothing better than sitting around and watching television together. Something tells me we aren’t the only fans who’ll be impatiently waiting for the next season of True Blood to air.

Source: thetvchick. – Exclusive Interview – Lauren Bowles (Holly Cleary) from True Blood

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