Let The Right One In – Bill and Sookie Fan Video

May 25, 2009 by  

This fan video was made by semivampire99 on YouTube done to the theme song from the movie “Let The Right One In.”  In this video Bill and Sookie find themselves strongly attracted to each other and falling slowing in love. Sookie discovers her feelings for Bill is something that she cannot deny and soon they find that their love for each other is so powerful and that Bill will always love her and be there for her. This is a beautiful and sentimental instrumental video that demonstrates the power of love between Bill and Sookie that only True Blood can give us.  Enjoy!

  • Catherine

    Yeah, well their love may be undying so far, but in the books Bill is pretty much an asshole. Sookie dumps him fast, and begins to really fall for Eric. Bill is a possessive, jealous jerk. Next season Sookie begins to set her eyes on hunky Eric, hopefully.

    • Well Catherine I must say it is a little sad to see that you cannot separate the Book Bill from TV Bill. True Blood is referring to TV Bill and so far Bill has been a complete gentleman to Sookie and has shown her his love to her by even willing to sacrifice his existence for her. Let us all enjoy the show regardless in what direct Alan Ball takes it to because we have to remember even Charlaine Harris said that the books are her babies and True Blood is Alan Ball’s. That being said let us all show our appreciation to Alan Ball’s amazing creativity on True Blood and the fantastic job that all the actors and crew do to put this great TV show on the air.

    • Nia

      Catherine I could not disagree with you more. I have read all the books and I would never call Bill an asshole or possessive jerk. I cannot see where you are getting this. Bill was always a wonderful caring lover and gentleman, who would do anything for Sookie. He stays away when she gets the wrong idea about him, he does not try to force her to return to him, instead he willingly steps aways to allow her her freedom to see others, he gives her a choice. Possessive jerks would not be so understanding. As for Eric, he is cute but he always has an agenda and is shallow. Remember Sookie only falls for him when he is NOT HIMSELF, he is a whole new person. When he gets his memory back is when she can’t stand him and I believe she calls him a jerk. If you read carefully and between the lines it is always Bill she thinks of and goes to. Did you read Dead and Gone? Its all there. Im sorry because I see how much you want the love in her life to be Eric, But…..
      I agree with AdoreBill, True Blood is its own entity not an exact replica of the books. Enjoy it for what it is. Eric will always be a major player in this wonderful show. Lets be grateful to Alan Ball, HBO, and this amazing cast for the entertainment and support them in any way we can.