Lindsay Pulsipher on Settling into the Role of Crystal Norris

August 12, 2010 by  

One of the mysterious new figures of True Blood Season 3 has been Jason‘s love interest, Crystal Norris. Rumor has it that she and her relatives will be causing quite a bit of mayhem in Bon Temps in the remaining episodes. In an interview with Celebrity Extra Online, actress Lindsay Pulsipher talks about her character and how it felt coming onto such a prominent show. Just don’t expect her to divulge whether she’ll be sticking around for Season 4Lindsay abides by Alan Ball‘s strict ‘No Spoiler’ policy!

Her initial reaction to scoring the part of Crystal was excitement, which turned into nervousness when she considered how popular True Blood is, how passionate the fans are, and what the expectations would be:

“Panic sets in and then you think, ‘Oh man, can I pull this off and make people excited about this role?’ So I hope that I’ve pulled through.”

Lindsay loves playing Crystal because she’s so complicated and interesting:

“[She] is just a really strong and spirited character. And I think that it’s every actor’s dream to kind of play a role that has a little meat to it. And there’s a lot for me to play with, with Crystal. She’s multilayered and she’s complex, and she’s got a lot of issues in her life right now. And she’s a little bit manic and it’s fun to be able to explore all those avenues.”

Plus, it helps that the atmosphere on the True Blood set is so friendly. Everyone loves coming to work everyday. They all enjoy being together, yet they’re also very dedicated to doing their jobs well and creating a great show. Lindsay said all those factors make it such a pleasant work environment.

She has done some great work with Ryan Kwanten in the last few episodes, so it will be fun to see how her storyline expands in the rest of the season to include other characters, too.

Lindsay also has an upcoming film called The Oregonian that she’s very excited about. She describes it as “kind of an art horror film,” in which her character wakes up after a car accident and tries to discover whether she’s alive, dead, or in purgatory somewhere. Sadly, before we know it, Season 3 will be over, and we will all be suffering withdrawal pains, so it’s nice to watch other projects from the True Blood actors so can cope with the long absence before we see their characters again! Unless they’re dead… in which case, it’s still nice to see the work they go on to do.


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