Lindsay Pulsipher talks about True Blood and Patrick Swayze

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Lindsay Pulsipher’s True Blood Experience

Lindsay Pulsipher is one of the newest additions to True Blood. She plays the newest object of Jason Stackhouse‘s affection, Crystal Norris. Crystal is a were-panther who lives on a family “commune” of sorts. (Her family also deals drugs and V, which causes problems for everyone.)

Lindsay is very different from her character Crystal. She’s an enthusiastic blond who is a born and raised Mormon from Utah. Pulsipher stated that the True Blood set is one of the best she has been a part of and very easy going. Since the True Blood writers are very secretive about what is going to happen, they never came right out in the beginning and told her that she would be a werepanther. She had read previously in the book about Crystal Norris and figured the writers would be going in that directions She did get some clues, though. An example of this was described by Linsay:

“Early on in the shooting process, there were a couple of scenes where Jason and Crystal are getting to know each other in the woods. There’s a moment where Crystal smells something in the air and kind of springs up, and she’s very felinelike.”

Since her character is mainly of the “catlike” persuasion, she hasn’t had to deal as much with the fake blood, but she does tell fans that there are two different types of fake blood on set. There is a sugary fake blood that is put in the actor’s mouths and then there is the blood that production uses to pour everywhere.

Patrick Swayze

Lindsay also worked with Patrick Swayze during his last project, a tv show called Beast. Lindsay talked about Patrick and her memories with him, saying:

“Patrick was just such a personable, warm guy. He had this amazing sense of humor and a way of drawing you in that made you feel like the most important person in the room. He had a huge heart. I feel so blessed I was able to work with him on his last project. I feel it was some of his best work because of what he was going through, and he really gave himself to that role. My favorite moment with him was in the makeup trailer. It was a long day and he had been so tired from the chemo and had worked himself to the bone. We were taking off our makeup, and there was this very familial moment. I could see in his eyes he was just happy to have made it through the season. We did it. I will never forget. It was one of the last times I saw him, too, so it was really special.”

Lindsay has been a wonderful addition to True Blood. We are very excited to see where Crystal and Jason’s relationship lead us through the next season!

Source: — True Blood Confessions with Lindsay Pulsipher

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