Lindsay Pulsipher – True Blood’s Mystery Woman

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Four episodes in, and we still don’t know much about her. But that will change. Lindsay Pulsipher is that mysterious blond running around in the meth lab we’ve only seen glimpses of. She gave an interview to, answering questions about her character, Crystal Norris, and what we can expect throughout the rest of the True Blood season.

It all began with an audition. Two auditions, really.

“I had two auditions, both with Alan Ball in the room. The second one Ryan Kwanten auditioned with me and a few hours later I found out I got the part. It was a very fast process.”

Having the creator/show runner in the room didn’t really phase her, though. After all, she’s a fan of Alan Ball‘s previous work and of True Blood.

Then the all important question: Team Eric or Team Bill?

“I think it would be interesting to see a Sookie/Eric relationship happen, mix it up. I think it’d be fun and interesting for the audience for sure.”

Sorry, Bill.

Lindsay then gives a little insight into her character since as of yet we don’t know a whole lot.

“… she’s kind of grown up on that compound and lived a very sheltered life. She hasn’t really lived outside of that drug world and when she sees Jason there in the woods I think something is sparked in her that she’s never really experienced before. That’s a life and possibly a relationship outside of her compound. This season you’ll definitely see a meeting between Jason and Crystal and a relationship blossom and explode.”

While she won’t reveal where she falls on the supernatural/human scale (although I think this has been revealed elsewhere if you’re interested), she does reveal there will be some intimate scenes between Crystal and Jason. And she had no real issue filming those sexy scenes.

“… there’s so much going on outside of the actual work. You go into your professional mode and you don’t think too much outside of the work. Usually it’s not a big deal because it’s all about the work and it’s just another scene. I think you have to look at it through your character’s eyes as opposed to your own.”

Lindsay confirms her character gets to interact with a few other folks in Bon Temps, though not everyone she would have liked. Unfortunately, she doesn’t name names. However, she does let it slip that she may have the opportunity next season… while simultaneously NOT saying whether or not she’ll be back for season 4.

Her favorite episode she shot?

“The season finale is going to be incredible. We just wrapped. It’s going to be incredible, so exciting and there’s so much going on. There’s a lot of typical cliffhangers and it’s just really, really exciting.”

But let’s not rush to the finale. We have so much to enjoy before we get there. Lindsay will appear in nine episodes in season 3. And she enjoyed working on the True Blood set.

“It’s one of the most friendly and welcoming sets that I’ve ever worked on. Everybody is buddies and everyone is friends. There’s a lot of goofing off and joking around. It’s very easy to be on set. The crew and the cast get along just great and are constantly interacting with each other. There are no egos at all. It’s just a real fun set.”

Considering her character hasn’t really appeared much yet, Lindsay hasn’t really experienced the crazy fandom that comes along with True Blood. Surely that will change once audiences get to learn about Crystal.

Lindsay will not be attending Comic-Con with the True Blood crew, but she’ll expect it’ll be a good time for everybody.

Lindsay‘s been on A&E’s The Beast and now on True Blood, so she’s got some TV experience. But is there a difference?

“I feel our generation is so blessed because we have such great television available now… I feel like every cable network are all producing such amazing TV and such great shows. I feel blessed to have been a part of two really amazing shows and I feel like our generation just gets to experience some of the best TV in history.”

What do you think? Do we have some of the best shows ever? Or is True Blood really it right now?

Be sure to check out there entire interview here.


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