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Love can be fleeting as a rainstorm, span the length of a man’s life or be as eternal as time itself. It can be so fiery that it consumes your body and soul or live as a warm ember within your beating or silent heart. It can be expressed in words, glances, the timber of your voice, tender gestures, gifts and sacrifices.  But it’s never so succulent and desperate as when it’s Forbitten Love…


I found these while I was cleaning up in the kitchen last night. One was crumpled up in the big chili pot and the other was wedged between the stove and the counter. I saw your name on the bottom, but I didn’t read the whole thing, so don’t worry. If you need more space to store your things so that you’ll have somewhere to put this kind of stuff, I’ll see what I can do – just let me know. I didn’t show anyone, but if I were you, I’d keep better track of these kinds of things. Or at least deliver them, they do no one any good shoved in the kitchenware.

P.S. The photo fell out of the cabinet when I was going to restock the napkins.

– Sam

Dearest Arlene,

Did I tell you how beautiful you are today? Even if I did, I could say it a million times and I don’t think it would be enough. You probably don’t want to hear this, so I thought I’d write it down. Your hair is more blinding than the setting sun and softer than a silk scarf.  I wish I could have a lock of your hair just to pet when you aren’t around. I wish you were near me all the time for a bunch of reasons, but one of them is definitely so that I could run my hands through your beautiful hair. Remember that one time I helped you scrub hair dye out of your shower? That was before we were… you know. I know a lot of people say that eyes are the windows to the soul and all that.  Your soul is so deep and green.  Green has always been one of those colors that comforts me.  You know, makes me feel less on edge. You do that for me, and that’s a big deal. Your eyes are like big bay windows glowing with warmth and light on a winter’s night. Everyone passes by and wishes they could come in, but only the luckiest can. I consider myself one of the luckiest. I get to be with you. Every day I wake up and wonder how I got to be so lucky.  Sometimes I think this is all a dream and I might wake up and be alone again. I was wondering the other night if we had a song. I remember that one night when we were both cleaning up at work when you asked me to dance to that one song. It was a country song and it was about Pina Coladas… I don’t know what it’s called.  I’ll find out, don’t you worry. Inside and out, you are the best person I have ever known. When I am not with you I want to be talking to you on the phone. In fact, I think I’ll call you right now. Have a great day, darling. I’ll see you tonight.

My Love – a poem for you

My love for you is stronger than a concrete foundation,

swifter than a rushing creek,

more constant than the north star,

more comforting than the warmest quilt,

more precious than the rarest gem.

My love for you is always on my mind,

first thing when I wake up,

last thing before I go to sleep,

all day at work,

when I see you here at work, I nearly burn the hamburgers.

I love you Arlene,


Disclaimer: This is a parody of the fantasy series, True Blood, and as such, is presented here for your amusement. “Forbitten Love” and the various writers that contribute to it, have no relationship/affiliation to HBO, True Blood, or any of the cast or crew of said program nor any relation to Charlaine Harris, or the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Written By:  Jenn Marshall

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Graphics Courtesy Kasandra Rose

True Blood Photo credit: HBO (Screen Capture Courtesy James)