Love on a Post-it

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True Blood Tara and Eggs on the couch

On a hot, humid day Sookie has all the windows open throughout Gran’s house. Finally, a day to try and clean up the mess that Maryann left behind. The rustling sounds and delicate scent of  nearby honeysuckle vines fill the house as they dance in the occasional breeze. On her knees, Sookie is scrubbing the floor with a soapy sponge, her relaxed and rhythmic motion in tandem with the swaying of the large tree in the front yard. Deliberate and methodical it appears as if she’s coaxing the dirt, along with Maryann’s spirit, out of the hundred-year-old wood foundation of the home. If only burning sage could get rid of the blood, the dirt and the memories of what happened here. As Sookie reaches for another bottle of cleaner, she notices a small yellow doll made out of paper. Oh no. Not another one of Maryann’s devil dolls. How did she miss it? Sookie picks it up and studies the figure. The doll is actually made out of post-it notes, all have been written upon and some are in Tara’s handwriting. Sookie peels each post-it note off and reads it before sticking them on the warn kitchen table.

Tara, we left some breakfast for you in the dining room. I’m making a run with Maryann. See you when I get back.

Eggs, thanks for the breakfast! Come down to Merlotte’s tonight and I’ll buy you dinner! See ya there!

Tara, what the hell happened last night?! My body is killing me! We need to talk when you wake up.

Eggs, Maryann is so crazy! Last night was fun. Where did you guys go?

Tara, sorry didn’t get to see you yesterday. Been thinking about you.  How about breakfast? See you there.

Eggs, I’m not so sure about Maryann. What do you know about her? Tell me at lunch okay?

Tara, I’m glad you have been with us these few weeks. I feel like our family is growing.

Eggs, I’m not so sure about us living in Sookie’s house. It doesn’t feel right. And why is my bra hanging from the roof?? Please get it down!

Tara, I really feel like we’re a family now. We look out for each other. Don’t worry me and M. will always have your back.

Eggs, I woke up with the scent of you all over me, but I don’t remember being with you. What’s going on?

Tara, Sorry I missed you again. Let’s not smoke anything tonight, I feel like I got holes in my head too!

Eggs, I cleaned up as much as I could before I went to work. Sookie would kick us all out if she saw this place.

Tara, my jaw is KILLING me and my body aches. What the f@%k happened last night? Can’t wait to see you.

Eggs, some crazy shit is going down around here and I DON’T like it AT ALL. I’m going to talk to Maryann. BTW, Sookie’s gonna kill me when she sees her house!

Tara, let’s chill for a second and figure out what happened before we talk to M. You both are all I got and I don’t want to lose either of you. Promise me, Tara. Please.
Love Eggs

Eggs, Slept at LaLa’s last night. Had to take Jane Bodhouse home. She was so drunk she barfed all over the place! NAST!
Love, Tara

Tara, Hope you can get outa’ work early tonight! Maryann says she’s making us a home cooked meal.
-Love, Eggs

Eggs, Sometimes I’m so confused. It’s like my nightmares are coming to life. But everything’s okay when I’m with you.
–Love Tara.

Tara, It’s all good. Maryann is sending me to pick up 300 lbs. of meat. Should be a great B.B.Q. tonight! We’ll sort it all out afterwards!
-Love Eggs

Sookie reads the last post-it and puts it on top of the others. The doll is completely disassembled now and Sookie’s hands are empty. She realizes that Tara’s relationship with Eggs has evaporated just like the post-it doll. For the first time Sookie truly realizes what her best friend has lost. She finally lets the tears fall as she clasps her hands to her chest and gives into her mourning, not only for Eggs, but for the future that he and Tara will never share.

Disclaimer: This column is an unauthorized parody of the HBO TV show True Blood.  There is no relationship between what you see in this column and what will appear on the screen or in the Sookie Stackhouse novels written by Charlaine Harris. This has been presented for entertainment purposes only and the events  presented here have nothing to do with any persons or characters real or imagined, living, dead or undead.

Written By: Ayondela McDole

Photo Credit: HBO, inc.

Screen Captures: James