Love Vampire Style

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It seems that vampires have their own approach and technique when it comes to romance.  This was certainly the case with Mina Murray and her aristocratic and impassioned  undead suitor in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In the film, Winona Ryder’s character is mesmerized by Gary Oldman’s  vampire count. Although the film is quite graphic, The love story seems to prevail over much of the film. This deeply passionate love is quite evident from their first meeting,their first dinner date and especially near the nd of the film.  Mina  whispering  sweetly,”My love….my love  into her  bloodsucking lover’s ear.  It is because of her love for him that she is able to  release himm from the “curse” of being a vampire.  A most touching scene.

In Twilight, there is also a lot of  passionate expression of  love.  Bella says to Edward, “Im not afraid of you..I’m only afraid of losing you.”   Edward also says to Bella, “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you”  to which Bella replies “Then,don’t.”  This wordplay between them builds up the romantic tension  as their “forbidden love” grows more intense.  There is also a scene in New Moon, where after Edward and his family have departed, Bella is in a moviehouse with Jacob Black  and he says to her, regarding Edward’s  apparent abandonement of her, “Bella,I know what he did to you, I won’t ever hurt you like that…I promise!”  It’s quite clear that he cares for her deeply also. Part of the reason, I think, that so many are drawn to these vampire love stories is that they not only express love but also devotion to the object of their affection.  Their beloved becomes their reason for living or existing.  As Edward once again stated in New Moon to his beloved Bella “You are the only reason  I’m alive  or existing or whatever it is I’m doing”   People want to feel desired and loved deeply.  They seem  to connect with this strongly and ardently.

In the case of  True Blood, HBO’s megahit show about  vampires in the fictional town of  Bon Temps,  The big draw seems to be the ever growing relationship between  vampire Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress who can hear other people’s thoughts.  From the onset there were memorable moments.  When Bill asks to see Sookie again, he says “May I call upon you, sometime” a manner reminescent of a long bygone age.   Bill Compton has a special way with Sookie.  He’s mannerly and courteous. He is also  charming and persuasive.  Early on in the first season, he  makes it quite clear that Sookie is his.   Although there relationship is not perfect, both are willing to try and make it work somehow. I have to admire their determination, their commitment to each other.  In the pilot episode, Sookie tells Bill, “I have to get back to work. People are looking at me!”  Bill responds ” They are looking at you because you are a mortal and I am a vampire!” Both of them pursue their “forbidden love” and it grows and becomes more intense.   He is not  just a  bloodsucking monster, He is everything a person could want in a romantic relationship.  He is attentive, passionate  and kind. He can sense when she is in trouble and rushes to her side to help her.   Their love story is as provocative as it is moving.   In the first episode of the second season, Bill confesses love for her. He calls her his miracle  and he tells her that she has helped him feel alive again.  She has helped him to find the best part of who he is.  Although Bill is a vampire, Sookie has a better relationship with him than she has had with anyone. Their love is deep and real.  When he stood beneath her window, Tara Thornton said “Do you think a vampire can really love a human?”  Ultimately, Bill and Sookie went out for a romantic dinner date where they danced and he proposed to her, something  that most vampires don’t usually do.   He also feeds off of her, but never without her consent. Something that vampires don’t usually ask for. He can be fierce and aggressive  and even moody, but Sookie loves him anyway. I think that one of the most touching  things is when Sookie tells Bill, “I know that there is darkness in you, Bill Compton…I know it and it scares the life out of me.”  she goes on to say, “There is also goodness in you, I see it when I look into your eyes.”   She looks beyond the fact that he is a vampire and tries to see the kind, good person he wants to be.  She knows he is a vampire but She loves him just as he is.    Perhaps these  vampire love stories offer us a glimpse into what we would want most for ourselves: to be loved just the way we are.. forever.

  • kailey

    is it true that only a vampire can love u forever

  • Icanseerussia

    I love hearing about Bill and Sookie’s love story, vampire babies, ect. and everyone’s opinion about how it would work or not. But I really think that extensive talk about Twilight would be better served in a forum for Twilight, not True Blood. I’m just too devoted to True Blood to care about Bella and Edward.

  • noreen

    Antonio-I completely agree. It was the love story and the chemisty between Bill and Sookie that drew me in the series.
    You know that there are going to be problems but their love
    will win out.

  • jaxx

    I like your take on all the shows.

    My favorite Twilight lines are: “You don’t know who long I’ve waited for you” and “You are my life now”. How many times have we wanted someone to say these things to us all.

    We all want to be loved for who we are, exactly the way we are, without false pretenses. That’s what TB shows us. It’s deeper than just a vampire show, there are a lot of hidden messages here about understanding, love, pride, prejudices and trying to overcome them: Bill/Sookie, Tara/Sam, Sam/Daphne, Hoyt/Jessica, etc.

    Nice article Antonio!! 🙂

    • Antonio

      Thank You I appreciate your kind feedback! There are Many quotes from Twilight that I find to be deep and meaningful perhaps even inspiring. One that I found to be particularly moving was in Breaking Dawn,The night before Edward’s wedding to Bella, He tells her how entering into a marriage and a full love relationship with her is The Best thing that Ever happened to him! That he Never thought that he would ever find somone like her. What moved me especiallly was when he said that he felt no need to look back on his single,carefree days as a “bachelor” and that he was not sad to see his single days go!
      He said he wanted to forget All of that it was lonely and sad for him He wanted to look forward to being with her and their love and union together …That moved me a lot! Who loves like that these days? Does Anyone enter into a marriage with such certainty…Especially in our prsent day and age when there is Such a high divorce rate? I also like “So the lion fell in love with the lamb…What a stupid lamb~~~What a sick,masochistic lion! Funny and yet touching.
      I also like “I dont have the strength to stay away from you..Anymore “Then,don’t!” Wow!
      I like True Blood I do But there is just something about Twilight that reaches out and touches me deeply.
      Edward and Bella’s relationship seems to be more dramatic more emotionally intense. Sex scenes are not necessary for their love to be conveyed…Now,I’m sounding prudish I know
      I suppose in a way I’d be kind of like Tara when she saw Bill standing underneath Sookie’s window looking up and watching her
      “Do you think they could really love a human?”
      I suppose the answer to that is in the show,right?
      Its Not that Bella and Edward have a better love relationship than Sookie and Bill its just different is all.

  • Well written Antonio! I couldn’t have said it better myself! True Blood is all about the love story – to accept who you are with no reservations!

  • Danielle

    couldn’t of said it better myself who needs a mortal man when you can have one that never grows old has centuries of experience in pleasuring you and if you want to he can make you just like him. Eternally beautiful Only a vampire can love you forever.

  • Well said, Antonio. It’s all about the love story!