Magazine Retracts Interview with True Blood Star

September 23, 2010 by  

Anna Paquin Interview in Gothic Magazine Fake

True Blood star Anna Paquin.Fans love to interact with the cast of True Blood and are always excited to hear about the latest one to join Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace, however, there are people who like to impersonate celebrities and cause a lot of trouble.

Recently Gothic Magazine had to post a retraction notice in regards to a story they posted about Anna Paquin and her alleged MySpace account. Anna is known for her amazing portrayal of Sookie Stackhouse in three seasons (and upcoming 4th)of the HBO series True Blood. It seems an interview written in their magazine (Issue 31), was not authentic. The interview was conducted via e-mail to a listed “official” Anna Paquin MySpace page. The information provided led the author and the magazine to believe they were in contact with Anna. However, this was not the case.

Representatives for Anna have denied her participation and involvement in the interview and any connection with he “official” MySpace page. In fact, the MySpace page referenced in the article has been removed.

Goth Magazine should be commended though for apologizing not only to Anna for the mistake, but also to the fans of the magazine. It was never their intention to publish anything that wasn’t absolutely authentic. The magazine is dedicated to gothic beauty, female empowerment, and as we’ve all seen, honesty to their readers.

So fans, Anna may have an Oscar, but no MySpace account!

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