Marcia deRousse (Dr. Ludwig) Reports on the True Blood Wrap Party!

July 22, 2009 by  

marcia-2-smMarcia went to the True Blood second season wrap party held last night, Tuesday July 21st, and was kind enough to drop us a note!

“It was held at the posh Sofitel Hotel’s Simon LA nightclub. Just getting into a place like that, with the guards at the door and everything, was an experience of a lifetime! It was so dark in there that my little throw away camera was useless for pictures! But I didn’t see any of the three folks I did my scene with- Anna [Paquin], Stephen [Moyer] or Alex [Skarsgard]- I know Anna is in NYC this morning for Regis and Kelly, so she and Stephen are probably both there. As for Alex, who knows where he may have been? And as crowded as it was, they could have ALL been there and I would not have seen them!”

It’s hard to imagine Alexander Skarsgard not being seen no matter HOW crowded it was, isn’t it? Marcia [Editor’s Note: One of our fave actors herself!] did see some of our favorite actors in attendance though. Throughout the evening Marcia saw Rutina Wesley (Tara), Deborah Ann Wohl (Jessica), and, possibly, Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) from the main cast. She said that Nelsan looks so different from Lafayette it was difficult to tell if it was him or not! She also spotted Wes Brown (Luke) who she thought was really cute in person, and Annalise Baso (Eden Hanby, Jessica‘s little sister).

The music was ran non-stop and was very ‘edgy’ and True Blood appropriate. The food was ‘glorious’ and included such dishes as Tuna Tartar Sashimi which Marcia didn’t try pronouncing, “I don’t eat raw fish- in the Ozarks we call that “bait”. [Editor’s Note: I’m with you Marcia! Humans invented cooking for a reason!] but she did try several other dishes that were all wonderful gushing:

“I had Chicken Satay with peanut sauce, a fancy salad, squash blossoms (my fave!), several “puffs” of different varieties, several different pizzas, little Iron Chef mini cheeseburgers, and more I did not have room to try, as I wanted to have some of the about 12 desserts… which I tried a little of ALL…oye vey!”

Marcia had a great time and lots of fun and went on to praise HBO saying:

HBO maintained their Class A treatment of people who worked for them. The whole place was set with the HBO True Blood theme. There was a True Blood drink with pomegranate liquor (no  I didn’t try it, but my friend said it was delicious!). The food was absolutely to “die” for. And my friend Gloria and I had two of the cutest, sexiest servers who kept coming by with fresh trays of food and tempting us with more! I told her I was going to say to one of them, “You know, I played Dr. Ludwig on the show, and she needs a boy toy. Want to come home with me and meet her?” But I chickened out at the last minute…LOL! I love to flirt, but on those times when it actually works, I’m not always sure it was such a good idea! LOL!”

Marcia left at ten pm because she’s an early riser [Editor’s Note: 3 AM!!! Heck I’m usually UP till then!] but the party was still going full blast. As she was leaving, a dude that was dressed to party with a woman on each arm was trying to come in and the guards turned him away, telling him that the private party was going on, “All night!!” So it likely ran until the wee hours of the morning.

She did have some bad news for fans of Dr. Ludwig however lamenting:

“On a sad note, for me, at least, the few people we talked to who might know about these things did not seem to feel Dr L would be back any sooner than what is written on the books, which won’t be till season 5 or 6. By that time, I may not be to do it! But meeting the fans, all of you, has been the very best experience of all.”

That’s a sad note for us too. I personally just love that sassy, straight to the point, take no prisoners character and can only hope that Alan, whom she did not talk to, has other plans in mind for the smart mouthed Dr.

Thanks for the insider party information Marcia and keep on enjoying those sunrises! [Editor’s Note: You really get up at 3 am??? Oye Vey indeed!]