Mariana Klaveno on Adam Carolla’s Podcast Interview

August 12, 2010 by  

True Blood’s Mariana Klaveno, aka Bill‘s maker Lorena,  participated in Adam Carolla‘s podcast – “The Adam Carolla Show” – on Monday, August 9th. While Adam talked mostly about himself, occasionally Mariana got some good words in.

The first question she got was how she handled her parents considering the…uh.. twisted sex scenes from True Blood. Mariana said her parents a good about the whole thing, although filming those scenes were “weird and uncomfortable.” We can only imagine.

They went on to discuss her previous day job – as a hostess at a steakhouse near Glendale, California. Mariana, being wise in the ways of the entertainment industry, kept her hostess job all while filming season 2 of True Blood. But she left before Lorena‘s story arc hit the airwaves, so she avoided any True Blood fandom.

While working at the steakhouse, Mariana got to meet quite a few celebrities. The nicest? Robert Downey Jr., and Jay Leno.

Adam pointed out that Mariana has had roles in other TV shows such as ER and Alias, so she seems familiar. Mariana said she’s had the luck of appearing just as a show was ending or about to be canceled. The Grim Reaper of a TV series. (TV Trivia Moment – Much akin to Ted McGinley, which Adam brought up just as I thought it myself. Ted McGinley is known as the the Patron Saint of Jumping the Shark – his guest role or sudden appearance as a series regular always spelled out doom for that TV series.)

When talking about Mariana‘s “Old Hollywood” look, they all agreed she’s be a beautiful fit for AMC’s Mad Men since she’s kind of dead now on True Blood. Not to worry, though. She reminded everyone that True Blood utilizes the flashback quite often so while she may be dead, she’s not really gone.

Mariana stuck around for the rest of the podcast, chiming in on various news stories, etc. Be sure to check out the entire interview on


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)