Mariana Klaveno Knows Fans Are Not Rooting for Lorena

June 20, 2010 by  

Mariana Klaveno did not quit her job as a restaurant hostess while she worked on Season 2 of the HBO mega hit series, True Blood.  She kept thinking her role as Lorena was too good to be true.

Back Stage interviewed Mariana to find out more.  Lorena is the vampire who turned Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) as he returned home from the Civil War.  Asked what she thought about playing this villainous vampire, Mariana said,

“It’s incredible. I could not have dreamed up this part.  Last season, every script I got, with the ’20s flashback and the ’30s flashback, I just was pinching myself.  It’s so much fun.  She’s so flawed and fabulous.  I love all of that; she is not perfect, and I love her all the more for it.  I hope people love to hate her.  I know she’s certainly not somebody that you’re rooting for.”

Lorena the vampire has lost her humanity and, in fact, does not want it back.  But Bill is trying desperately to mainstream into human society, and Mariana finds it interesting that Lorena still loves him.  “Love and jealousy and greed and lust – those all carry into your vampire life.”  Which makes her that more dangerous to Bill and his human girlfriend, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin).

When asked if she read Charlaine Harris books (which are the basis for the series) to prepare for her role, Mariana said she did read them.  However, there isn’t a lot about Lorena in the books.  It was clear that creator, Alan Ball, took liberties with the character and Mariana is very grateful that he did.  In fact, she took that to assume that “playing a supernatural creature means it’s sort of anything goes”.

“The canvas is blank and wide open, which is a blessing and is a curse sometimes because you don’t have any boundaries.  You think, “I could do anything.  So, what do I do?”  But I try to embrace those moments rather than run away and hide.”

She said she had two auditions that were pretty normal.  But she got the vibe that this show was something special and she got nervous.  She buddied with a friend to help her decide how she was going to play Lorena.  Evidently, she made the right decisions.

Talking about True Blood‘s huge dedicated fan base, Mariana said it’s surreal.  She feels more for the main characters, Stephen, Anna and Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman), because they’re experiencing the momentum on a huge scale.  But she tries to stay off the Internet so she doesn’t read about herself.

Why?  She doesn’t mean to ignore the fans.  Considering her character, though, there is a lot of negativity out there.  So rather than allowing that negativity to become a poisonous influence, she focuses on her work and lets her friends point her to more positive information.

Mariana grew up in the state of Washington and has been on other shows such as Alias, ER and K-Ville.  Her recent film credit was No God, No Master with David Strathairn.

Oh, yes.  Mariana did eventually quit her restaurant job.

Lorena will be re-appearing sometime during Season 3.


(Photo credit – HBO Inc.)