Mariana Klaveno from Farm Girl to Vampy Vampire

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Mariana Wanted to Act from an Early Age

Mariana Klaveno True Blood Lorena

Mariana Klaveno, who plays deliciously psycho vampire Lorena on HBO’s True Blood, recently sat down with Aced Magazine to talk about how she went from an actress wannabe raised on a farm to what will certainly go down in history as one of the most psychotic female vampires ever.

“For as long as I can remember, acting is something I always wanted to do. I don’t really know where that impulse came from. I was kind of secretive about it until my junior year in high school. I thought it was such a wild, outlandish goal to have. My high school was too small to have a drama class, so I had to wait until college.”

Underdressing for the Audition of Lorena

Mariana wasn’t at all sure she had landed the role because of how she dressed for the audition:

“When I read the scene, which was a great one where we first meet Lorena. She struck me as a sad, lonely character. And I thought it would be so much more effective if you saw that side or her. So when she reveals herself as this powerful, scary vampire, it’s that much more jolting. And so I dressed as innocently as possible—with sweet little curls, almost no makeup, and light pink and beige outfits. Some of the other girls showed up in dyed black hair, heavy makeup and sexy outfits. Fortunately, my gamble worked.”

Defining a Character with no Definition

If you are a reader of the Charlaine Harris novels that True Blood is made from, you will know that Lorena was not really a big character. Mariana feels that partly worked to her advantage in developing her:

“I got the call that I would be a series regular after doing one episode in season one, which was exciting and unexpected. I thought they would sit down with me and talk about where they wanted Lorena to go, her character arc, but they didn’t, which was terrifying and wonderful at the same time. Because I think that’s the way Alan and the writers work on the show. They really value the actors and they trust them. They want to see what you bring to the table. Once I got over the initial shock of them not telling what to do, I said, “Okay, I guess I get to do what I want to do with this character.” It was really fun to find out where Lorena lived, about her body and voice. The flashback scenes helped me define the character.”

She was a bit worried about the head turning sex scene with Stephen Moyer:

“I thought about my parents and said, oh, God, I hope they survive this one, which they did.”

Mariana is very philosophical about the torture scene with Stephen:

“Did everyone forget the things Bill did to me at the beginning of the season? He lit me on fire, he broke my neck, he punched me in the face. I thought it fitting that she sliced him up a little bit.”

Will Lorena Return?

Fans of the show know that just because someone is given the “final death” it does not necessarily mean we will never see them on the show again. Does Mariana think she will return?

“You never know. They have ways of bringing people back. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if she shows up in a flashback. But so far, I don’t think she’s coming back soon. The next season is all about the witches.”

In the meantime, Mariana is looking for the right work that will not cast her as a villian and will be happy with either film or tv.

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SOURCE: – Interview with TRUE BLOOD’s Mariana Klaveno

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