Mariana Klaveno Talks about Lorena and Filming the Infamous Scene

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Almost two weeks later people are still talking about that crazy sex scene at the end of Episode 3 of True Blood with Bill and Lorena.  The episode started off with a bang and kept on going from there with the introduction of Alcide, the Tara/Franklin scenes and the flashbacks of Bill and his wife, but the ending had fans literally speechless.  What did Mariana Klaveno, the actress who plays Lorena, think when she read the script for that scene?  She tells Movieline:

“I think my jaw dropped to the floor, and my initial thought was, “Oh, my poor parents.” [Laughs] There was sort of an anxiety about it, but upon reflection, I realized it was going to very much be a water-cooler scene for the season, and given the choice, I’d rather be in the water-cooler scene than not. I made my peace with it, although I’m nervous to actually see it! I’ve seen it in pieces because I had to go back and do sound for it, but I have not seen the finished product yet.”

In a show like True Blood where viewers expect to see sex and violence it is hard to shock viewers but Mariana considers it an honor to be part of a scene that was most definitely talked about by the water cooler.  Movieline asked how they made that scene look so realistic and Mariana replied:

“I think it’s CGI magic, but they actually built a puppet — a Mariana puppet, or a Lorena puppet, I should say.  I did a lifecast of my torso and my face, and it came out perfect.  It looked exactly like me, and her head could twist around.  We kind of did it in stops and starts all day long. [Laughs] We did it with Stephen and I facing up, Stephen and I face-down, Stephen with the puppet…there were many different versions that we filmed, and they sort of pieced them all together with post-production magic to make it all look, I’m hoping, horrific.”

Earlier in the episode we got to see a slightly softer side of Lorena with the scenes involving Bill and his wife and child.  Mariana understands that fans will dislike her on principle but she’s hoping that as the season goes on we may soften towards Lorena.  When asked why she thinks Lorena is so obsessed with Bill Mariana said:

“I think he represents everything that she wants. The irony is that the very things that initially attracted her to Bill are the qualities in him that keep him from returning her love: He’s this honorable, dignified man who has scruples and morals.  She’s been waiting to find a companion; she’s a very lonely character, and I have my own ideas for why that is, that she was never really loved in her human life either.  The problem is that she’s very much in tune with her vampire life and she wants him to indulge in those vampire things, and this season, you get to see a darker side of Bill.  I think it’s as twisted — again, sorry for the pun — as it seems that it excited Lorena that she starts to see her input in Bill.  The more violent he is, the darker he is, the more he pushes away Sookie from his vampire life, the better it is for Lorena.  She thinks, “This is the vampire I made.”

Mariana kept her job as a hostess in a restaurant during Season 2 of True Blood.  With the old “if it feels too good to be true it probably is” mentality she wasn’t sure what the fate of her character would be.  Her “big break” into Hollywood actually came in a restaurant where she regularly served J.J. Abrams.  He came into her restaurant in the evenings while writing his hit show “Alias”.  Mariana was a huge fan of the show but she was afraid to approach him because she didn’t want to give him a bad impression.  Once she finally got up the nerve to tell him she was an actress he told her to send him her picture and resume.  She wanted to be sure she stood out to the casting people so she filled her cover letter with jokes about the show and why she should be cast.  She eventually landed a small part on the show as a woman who gets blown up.

Lorena is one of those characters you love to hate and we are looking forward to seeing more of her this season!

Source:  Movieline

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