Mariana Klaveno Talks About Lorena’s Infatuation

August 13, 2010 by  

It’s always sad to hear a girl’s story about the guy she loves not loving her back…unless that girl is Lorena, who thinks love is decades of crazy and bloody infatuation. However, in an interview with Kidult, Mariana Klaveno, who plays Lorena, is quick to note she isn’t anything like the tragic vampire. She’s candid about her character’s obsession, why she’s against chasing a man and some helpful tips for stalkers of the female persuasion.

Though Lorena was killed by Sookie, with the help of Bill, Mariana would still love to do some flashbacks. If the writers want to explore Bill‘s history, they’ll have to include Lorena as she is a very large part of Bill‘s past. Mariana, in portraying her character, made some choices of how Lorena‘s human life played out and would love to have a chance to pursue that.

Lorena is the character fans love to watch; though she is psychotic and manipulative, the crazier she becomes in her quest for Bill‘s love, the more fans adore her. Mariana agreed:

Lorena does monstrous things but her motivation is always love. She’s a tragic character and that’s what I find so endearing about her — what she desperately wants, she’ll never get.”

On her violent sex scene with Bill, Mariana confessed that she did feel uncomfortable, but so did Stephen Moyer. In general, the intimate scenes on True Blood leave one vulnerable, but everyone involved in the show are professional and considerate.

However, having her head twisted 180 degrees isn’t the only thing Lorena had to endure at the hands of Bill. She’s also been set on fire, punched in the face, and hit over the head with a plasma TV. To this Mariana explained:

“The thing that I had to keep reminding myself was that Lorena is far stronger than Bill. So anything that he’s doing to her — she’s allowing. When he’s twisting her head around — she could, at any moment, throw him across the room, but she doesn’t. There’s also a scene where we’d just come back from killing a stripper and I’m following him into his room and he slams the door right in my face — I looked at the writer and the director and I said, ‘I could just rip the door off the hinges and walk right in… there’s nothing stopping me.’  So we decided that when he punches me in the face, I would smile because the thing with their relationship is that whenever Bill gets into his darker, violent side, Lorena feels like she’s winning.”

If Bill doesn’t want her, why does Lorena keep going to him? For Mariana, Lorena has spent a long time searching for a companion. Bill, unlike her previous lovers, deemed himself as a honorable and good man. She can’t give him up because she chose to him to be with her forever and in her eyes, he refused to hold to this agreement between the two of them. Mariana made a decision that Lorena had been denied love in her human life and she searching for that loving relationship in her vampire life.

However, Mariana doesn’t follow in Lorena‘s footsteps. When someone has broken things off with Mariana she opted to let it be, rather than become the psychotic girlfriend. Mariana does have advice for girls trying to hold on to a men who don’t want to be with them: avoid breaking any laws.

Though Mariana thought everything was fair in love and war on True Blood, in the end, Mariana gave the key to a good relationship in real life: mutual respect, trust and honesty. Perhaps, had Lorena followed these three ideas, she wouldn’t be a puddle of blood.


(Photo Credit: Matt Sayles, AP & HBO Inc.)