Marshall Allman Ready for True Blood Fans

July 13, 2010 by  

Truebies are a special breed of fans. We take our supernaturals and the actors who play them very seriously. Marshall Allman, who plays Sam Merlotte‘s shape-shifting little brother Tommy, is ready for us.

He talked to Zap2it about True Blood fans and what we can expect from the shifting brothers this season.

He knows a little bit about fandom from starring on Prison Break. But since starting on True Blood, he admits his first experience was unexpected.

“I was at the movie theatre… This guy taps me on the shoulder and I turn around. He says ‘Hey man, congratulations.’ I looked at him — like is my wife pregnant? Why is he saying that? What do you know about me? — And then he is like ‘I mean for getting ‘True Blood,’ congratulations.’ And I looked at him like holy crap.”

And thus the fandom began. Since Allman can be seen on two popular shows, it might get interesting.

“I think I am going to be surprised at how many people who like ‘Prison Break’ also like ‘True Blood‘ and also are excited for me to be on the show… So, I think once I hit like a Comic-Con or really start making stuff available to the fans, I am going to find out that I do have some fans from ‘Prison Break’ that transferred over to ‘True Blood.’ I think that will be very touching and heartwarming.”


Marshall also wants to make it known that shifters are not to be messed with.

“With Tommy coming on, we are going to take shifting to a whole other level… I think the audience is going to be really surprised just how badass it is to be a shifter… There has been a little bit of shame around being a shifter [up until now]. I think with Tommy we are going to get the romantic side of shifting a little bit more. I’ll give you this: If we actually work out our issues, we would be one badass shifting team. We can freakin’ take anybody.”

Zap2it brings up the rumor that Sam and Tommy might be making amends soon. This could lead to the awesome shifter team Marshall is speaking of.

Marshall doesn’t confirm or deny.

“We shall see… That’s definitely a direction we are headed. Let’s see if that’s what happens.”

Exciting, isn’t it?


(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)