Marshall Allman Talks About Tommy Mickens’ Soft Side

July 12, 2010 by  

After a near death experience last season Sam Merlotte decided to find his biological family.  Our first impression of the Mickens family has not been favorable.  His brother Tommy in particular is not happy to have Sam in their lives.  He tried to get Sam killed and has broken into Sam‘s restaurant on top of being rude and surly.  Even through the attitude we have seen that Tommy has not had an easy life.  He has been taking care of his alcoholic parents and has not had much chance at a good life.  Marshall Allman, who portrays Tommy tells Zap2it:

“He really just wants love honestly.  He wants someone he can trust, someone he can depend on, to be like a healthy family.  Does he have any idea how that works?  Hell no.  But does he know how to get what he wants?  Probably not, but we shall see.”

We have seen that Sam has a tendency to help the underdog so to speak and Tommy will be no different.  It is obvious to Sam that Tommy has had a rough go of it and it is in his nature to want to help him.  It won’t be smooth sailing though.

One rumor that has been circulating is that Tommy will hook up with Jessica.  When Zap2it asked Marshall about this his response was:

“I ain’t going to deny or acknowledge that rumor,” he says. “But I think every chick on the show should want my character. He’s freakin’ bad ass and he is freakin’ awesome.”

Both Sam and Tommy have essentially been on their own and could use someone in their corner.  We are rooting for them!

Source:  Zap2it

Photo Credit:  HBO Inc.