Marshall Allman Talks True Blood and Shapeshifters with G4TV

August 18, 2010 by  

Marshall Allman True Blood Tommy Mickens on G4TV InterviewSeveral new characters have been introduced in Season 3 of True Blood and one of the more interesting ones to watch has been Sam Merlotte‘s brother Tommy Mickens, played by Marshall Allman.  As we have seen so far this season, Tommy, who is a shapeshifter, has been forced into illegal dog fighting in order to help take care of his parents.  Marshall sat down with G4 TV to talk about his character, shapeshifters and his wardrobe, or lack thereof.

In the interview Marshall talks about his first wardrobe fitting on True Blood where they went through the regular clothes and then presented him with his choice of “modesty socks” on a velvet lined case.  He goes on to describe some of the “sock” options and jokes about how creative the wardrobe staff is on the show.  Although we have seen the signs, Marshall hints that his character will become involved with Jessica in Season 3.  He goes on to talk about shapeshifters and his feeling that they do not get the credit they deserve and he jokes that him and Sam are going to start a campaign to get shifters the recognition they deserve.

Enjoy the video!

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