Marshall Allman Thinks Shifters would Win in a Fight

June 23, 2010 by  

Marshall Allman recently had an interview with Hollywood Crush, and they asked him about his character on True Blood, Tommy Mickens, and who Marshall thinks would win a three-way fight between a vampire, a shifter, and a were.

Marshall, of course, sided with shifters. As he said,

“Werewolves don’t have control over their [transformations] as perfectly as a shapeshifter. They do, in a sense, but they’ll involuntarily shift into a werewolf. And they can only shift into a stupid wolf, but shapeshifters can shift into whatever they want! I can shapeshift into an elephant, a bird, a fly, a tiny endangered salamander that you wouldn’t be able to even see — but with PETA on my side, I could shut down an entire corporation! I can do all kinds of things. The werewolf gets taken out very [quickly].”

And in order to beat a vampire, Marshall simply said that a shifter could transform into a bloodsucker himself — a mosquito! That way, the shifter could take a sip or two of V directly from the source, which would make him more equal in strength to the vampire he’s fighting. Also, once that’s been done, the shifter could turn into a… more prickly shape that’s harder for a vampire to bite.

Which type of supernatural creature do you think would win a fight? Would it be the vampire, the were, or the shifter? Let us know in the comments!

SOURCE: Hollywood Crush

(Image Credit: HBO Inc, screenshot by Isis Nocturne)

  • Dan

    A shifter would win.

    1) A shifter can defeat a werewolf. At the very least, it can become another wolf- but why not a bear or mountain lion?

    2) A shifter (and werewolf for that matter) can handle silver freely, and travel (and stake) in the daylight- defeating any vampire during sunlight hours. Even humans can kill vampires easily enough by burning their house down during the day.

  • val

    My take on it is-a shape-shifter could probably ESCAPE and fight again.I don’t think supe to supe a shifter could WIN a fight against a Vamp.

  • Ashera

    First: Wolfs are not stupid!! 🙂 Second: Most of the time a vampire will win (it could depend on the age of the vampire tho) and obviously im also talking about the True Blood vampires! Also I have to say this: Eric could beat every supe on True Blood (and on Twilight, Vampire Diaries etc) with the exception of maybe a few older vamps like King Russell Edgington 😉 ^^

    Ps. Eric or Bill would rip Tommy Mickens apart, he could turn into T Rex or a mosquito for all I care, Eric especially but, Bill too is smarter, sneakier, stronger, faster etc and they can kill without having to bite so this Tommy character can turn as prickly as possible but he still would loose!

    Team True Blood! 😀

  • Krogen

    Well i think a Vampire would win against a Shapeshifter.
    The Shifter can turn into something that might be able to kill a Werewolf but i can´t imagine any animal fast and strong enough to beat a Vampire (the true blood version of vampires at least. And i
    don´t think any kind of nature poison would do the job.

  • Loleaf

    Marshall has really thought this out! We need to get him in on some of our dabates!!! Lol.