Marshall Allman: Tommy is Like a Pit Bull

August 16, 2010 by  

Now that the shooting season for True Blood has ended, Marshall Allman, who plays Sam Merlotte‘s shape-shifting younger brother, Tommy, told Movieline that he has let it all hang out.  What he means is that his hair is long, he’s got a beard and he’s eating pizza!

Marshall explained that between jobs he lets his hair grow, just in case the next role warrants long or mid-length hair.  When he was hired to play Tommy, the producers wanted it shorter.

“…so we spent about six to seven hours cutting my hair in stages, doing different looks, and sending photos to Alan [Ball] — who would be like, “No. Shorter. Shorter” — till we finally finished.”

When asked about his initial interview for the role, Marshall said he was unnerved by how closely Alan sits – in knee-knocking length.  Evidently Alan likes “to be right up in the action and it’s nerve-wracking”.  Not just because he was the head guy, but, Marshall laughed, because “Uh, Academy Award winning writer in my face…”.

Sounding as if he’s still on a high about being part of his favorite TV show, he was beyond excited when Tommy started working at Merlotte’s.  In addition to working with Sam, now he gets to have scenes with…

“…Lafayette, Arlene, Jessica, and Hoyt, I was like, “Yes. Get me in with everybody! Have Sookie come back, I want to talk trash with Bill, anything!”

An interesting topic came up in the form of Jessica.  It appears there is some interest in her and Marshall said, “When Tommy likes something, he goes right after it.”  Kind of like a pit bull.

But isn’t he concerned about all the HoytJessica fans out there?  Well, yeah, he says.  But with a laugh, he thinks he can turn a few fans his way. After all, “How could they not love Tommy?”

And what about Jessica?  She hasn’t, so far, shown an interest in him. Marshall is quick to let us know his philosophy about that.

“I think in the back of every woman’s mind, they want a Tommy to come after them like they’re the hottest thing on the planet.”

And referring to shape-shifting, hot bodies, nudity, etc., Marshall reminded himself that November isn’t that far away. That’s when they start up again shooting Season 4. It’s time to start working out again.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc., screencaps by James)