Meet True Blood’s Newest Merlotte’s Waitress Holly Cleary

August 10, 2010 by  

We just met Holly Cleary on True Blood in the previous episode, and already we know she’s special and will be important in the future. (As Holly and Arlene chatted, Holly mentioned that Arlene is pregnant without Arlene telling her.) The actress behind Holly, Lauren Bowles, has a little to say about her character on HBO‘s hit series, and for good reason:

“It’s no joke. For the first time [in my career] I signed a confidentiality agreement.”

However, as we learned from watching her chat with Arlene, there’s more to Holly than meets the eye. It has been revealed that Holly will be in the rest of True Blood‘s third season, and she’ll also be back for Season 4. We also know that Holly, like Arlene, has two children, though she’s a single mother and Arlene has Terry.

In the meantime, Lauren describes Holly as being “sort of warm-hearted but very grounded” and hints that Holly‘s special abilities will be more developed as we get to know her better. We can only begin to wonder how Holly will affect Bon Temps since there’s so little information available about her currently. However, we can learn more about Lauren Bowles.

Lauren is a huge fan of Alan Ball‘s, and she went into her audition just hoping to do a good job so that Alan would be willing to call her back for another role if necessary. Of course, that proved unnecessary as she was offered the role of Holly Cleary. We all welcome Lauren to True Blood and we can’t wait to see what kind of mayhem Holly brings with her to Bon Temps.


(Image Credit: HBO Inc, screenshot by Isis Nocturne)