Mehcad Brooks Suits Up for ABC Role

February 20, 2010 by  

As Mehcad Brooks suits up for his role as a lawyer on ABC’s “The Deep End,” he reminisces with iF Magazine about time spent on the “True Blood” set, where he played Eggs, Tara Thornton‘s boyfriend in season two.

He said he had a lot of fun giving Eggs definition as a character — and he’s not talking about his muscles. The character is only in the novels the series is based on for a few chapters, so he and the writers got to make things up as they went along. He also had a longer run than expected — Eggs was only supposed to be in three episodes, but after his audition, Mehcad was asked to join the show.

Mehcad said his experience on the show was incredible, save the unsavory task of shooting scenes in a sweltering swamp.

“My last day of shooting “True Blood,” I was trudging through the swamps in between Lafayette and Baton Rouge. It was about 103 degrees, probably 110 heat index. They called, ‘Cut!’ and I said, ‘Next job I have, all air conditioning, all suits.’ … Swamp notwithstanding, I had an incredible experience on “True Blood.” It was an amazing show to be a part of, very well-received and it’s always a nice thing when people really appreciate the hard work that you put into something, so I could not have asked for a better run.”

Mehcad‘s role as Dallas-based lawyer Malcom Bennett on “The Deep End” has him tackling an entirely different role, he said, though he does draw from his experience working at his father’s law firm during high school. His character is blunt and guarded and always has the right answer.

“He’s somewhat guarded as a person, but he’s also glib and unapologetically dynamic. He’s always got the right answer, even if he doesn’t sugarcoat the pill, so you have to go to him and deal with him, even if you don’t like how he puts it. He’s very blunt. Perhaps it seems like he ignores feelings.”

Mehcad stars alongside Billy Zane, perhaps most famous for his “Titanic” role, and fellow HBO alum Tina Majorino, who played Heather Tuttle on “Big Love.”

SOURCE: iF Magazine

(Photo credit: HBO Inc., screencap by James)