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“The fear of error is the death of success.” – Douglas Wilder

Mehcad BrooksThe above quote is the personal philosophy of one of True Blood’s talented young actor, Mehcad Brooks, who’s known for his quintessential performance for his short-lived character, “Eggs”, as revealed in his recent interview with Clutch Magazine.

In the interview, Mehcad confessed that he wanted to be an actor at the tender age of 15 after seeing an opera. Back in the day, he and his brother would watched Eddie Murphy’s Raw and Delirious everyday before their parents arrived. He said that he used to be a class clown and he figured he might get paid for it.

As young as he is as an actor, he has already faced his biggest challenge yet on his upcoming film entitled Fencewalker. His character, Salaam Alexander, has an innocence that Mehcad said he lost years ago. Moreover, he said it was tough portraying Salaam’s character since he was also devastated over  too many circumstances that were dealt with by his character during the duration of the film.

When asked what direction his career is  going, he humorously said,

“As long as I keep working I’m like a kid at Christmas. Or Chanukah, whichever holiday you get more presents on. I’m going to direct and produce one day and I’m writing and developing a romantic comedy at the moment.”

But as a person, Mehcad said that he is a simple guy who likes simple things in life. And the most important things in his life are family, health, and music. He said,

“I’m very close to my family and keep positive people in my life. I also love to meditate. It centers me and it’s a great way to relieve stress. I love being out in nature and traveling. Seeing the world firsthand forces you to understand how we are all interconnected and makes you more responsible about giving back to the Earth and protecting her gifts. And you can always find me on my guitar, on my Wii, and recently on a surfboard.”

Furthermore, Mehcad said that he has an outgoing personality and tries to live life to its fullest extent everyday (though he once again admitted that he is a nerd). And for him, being smart and educated is sexy.

On the other hand, he spoke about his experience on True Blood.

True Blood was an incredible experience. Exceptional writing. We were blessed enough to allow the human animal to run free in our performances with impunity.”

We will never see Mehcad as Eggs again and gone were the days of him and Tara’s whirlwind romance in True Blood. But Mehcad Brooks will surely illuminate every character he plays in the future.


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  • Steven Easterly

    I personally enjoyed the “eggs” character played by Mechad and I was hurt to see him have to go with Maryann and not make it into season 3. I felt he could of found a rather interesting role in the plot somehow as Lafayette’s antagonist (although Lafayette better be there to stay he is pure brilliance on camera)

    Alan though eggs would give the biggest wow with a kapow. Sad, but it was nice to see Mechad as eggs while he was around in season 2. A season in True Blood is more time than alot of people will get who would love to don a role in the wonderful world of True Blood.

    • antonio

      Axing Eggs gives the show More Drama! As Now Jason is even More tormented by his role in the shooting.Also Sheriff Andy will face a conflict of sorts as well. I feel sorry for Tara, She was Already so troubled so tortured Now that Eggs her love of life is gone She may face even More conflict! Thats why I think a relationship Between Her and Jason would be really Cool!
      In S3 I still see lots of dis illusion,and conflict As Both Sookie And Sam continue to question Their respective background histories! What of Bill? Will He be tortured? Will they beat him? Deprive him of blood?? Its a lot to think about!
      Eggs departure will pave the way for More Drama!

      • Antonio,
        Very nice observations. IF Alan Ball axed eggs your right it is ultimately going to create more drama. I still wonder if the Jason-Tara thing will ever happen in the screenplay. It would be interesting

        Tara will forever be a anxiety ridden rambunctious hot head we have come to know and well like at times and do wha??? at others.

        having read the books to the end it is tragic to see what happens to bill. Actually his agony should begin in season 3, but that is what bill and every quasi fighting to be good vampire protagonist must endure agony and heartbreak which is funny because they supposedly have no heartbeat.

        Nice talking again Antonio, have a good one.

        • antonio

          You’re telling me Something Aren’t You! I have Not read Any of the books~~~I really have No desire to do so right now…Perhaps someday? I’m content to let Mr.Alan Ball and the writers define My experience of the show. Bill Compton is My favorite character on the show! Shit! Something happens to him? I know that the books and the show are different.
          Its nice to meet you I appreciate All of your hard work which you all do to maintain this site! I just cant believe No New episodes until Next Summer!! TB withdrawal is a hard thing!!
          Take Care
          Until Next Time Friend