Mehcad Brooks Talks About True Blood

January 28, 2010 by  

Mehcad Brooks was recently interviewed by Jim Halterman from, and during the interview (which is mostly about his character on the new ABC show The Deep End), Mehcad talked about what it was like being Eggs on True Blood.

The main True Blood question Jim asked was what was Mehcad‘s experience during Season 2 of True Blood. Mehcad‘s response was pretty funny! He said:

It was just insane. It was weird. It was crazy but it was actually kind of therapeutic and great for an actor. It’s the type of role that you dream of. You’re able to have the dramatic moments and have these dramatic storylines and arcs but at the same time you get to devour heart pie! One moment you’re having an orgy in the middle of the woods and it’s 45 degrees outside and you can see your breath. You’re actually discussing Kafka and Puccini between pelvic thrusts. And you’re pondering how it is you’re being paid for this and trying to make it seem real.

Mehcad‘s experience sounds immensely entertaining, and the mental imagery to go along with his statement is pretty fun too!

Of course, there are many other questions in the interview, including one about Mehcad‘s willingness to portray a gay character if he were offered such a role.

This is definitely a very interesting interview with Mehcad that everyone should read and we encourage you to visit the site to read it in its entirety.

Also, we must extend a big thank you to Jim Halterman for informing us about his interview with Mehcad and sharing it with us.

To read the full interview, please click here.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc)