The Men of True Blood Grace The Cover Of DETAILS Magazine

April 9, 2010 by  

To kick off Season 3 of True Blood on June 13th, the May issue of DETAILS Magazine will feature 3 separate covers.  Each cover will depict one of our favorite Bon Temps hotties – Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten.  The magazines will hit the newsstands on April 13th and will definitely be a collector’s item for all True Blood fans.

The teaser from DETAILS Magazine, according to, details Alexander, our tall, blonde Swedish vamp and how he originally auditioned for the part of Bill. As Alexander stated in the magazine he wasn’t into doing a vampire show, but once he heard Alan Ball was behind the project he put his audition on tape from his hotel room in Mozambique where he was shooting Generation Kill at the time.

“The audition was actually for the part of Bill Compton, which went to Stephen Moyer. “Alex wasn’t quite right for Bill,” recalls Ball, “but I remember that he was giant and also beautiful. So when it came time to cast Eric, I thought of him.”

And speaking of Stephen Moyer, our devilishly handsome Brit shows off his smoldering, sexy side that is sure to melt the hearts of millions of fans on the May cover.

Our non-vampire blonde, Australian, Ryan Kwanten, displays his amazing physique with his six-pack abs in full display on the cover.  Each name is listed under a heading, “Sex Blood and Rock ‘N’ Roll“.  That’s an international feast for True Blood fans and one that will be flying off the newsstands to quench everyone’s hunger. ENJOY!


Photo credit: / Photographer Norman Jean Roy