Michael Emerson Possible Role on True Blood

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Carrie Preston who plays the fiery red-headed waitress, Arlene Fowler on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood is also married to Michael Emerson who is best known for his portrayal as Benjamin Linus on ABC‘s “Lost“. Both Carrie and Micheal have been asked in the past if we will see Michael on True Blood any time soon.  At that time they stated they did not know however, Micheal did mention that if he was on True Blood he wouldn’t mind just being a regular human having a drink at Merlotte‘s.  Apparently it seems we may indeed see Michael on True Blood after all.

SciFiNow.com mentions in an article that,

“We’ve heard that the producers of True Blood are so taken with Michael “Ben” Emerson’s work on Lost that they “really want him” in the show, and that they will write him in for a part of unspecified length. Our source? Emerson’s wife, Carrie Preston, who was fairly definite on the point at the Hawaiian International Film Festival.”

Now the question remains if Michael does join the cast of True Blood for season 3 what role would he have?  The regular human having a drink at Merlotte‘s as Michael once mentioned or something more substantial? We will have to wait and see how this transpires.


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  • eevy


  • jaxx

    That’s a good suggestion. I was also thinking maybe Charles Terwilliger, the bartender vamp, in book 5 that substitutes for Sam when he gets shot. I think that would be a good role for him as well. Charles Terwilliger reminds me a lot of Benjamin Linus in Lost’s character. That’s if AB goes there with that storyline and if indeed there is a season 5.

  • Niki Lynn

    I think it should be the more substantial role as Bobby Burnham, Eric’s day-man who hates Sookie. I think he could pull of a snooty and derisive look very well.

    • missyella

      Excellant idea Niki,

      Especially as he has to be “gofer” for Eric and hates Sookie with a passion.

      I think Michael would be fantastic in the part and his Merlotte scenes, would involve interaction with Arlene.