Michael McMillian Talks About Lucid At The Long Beach Comic-Con

October 11, 2009 by  

Michael-McMillian-IMBdMichael McMillian is a man whom many True Blood fans know plays Steve Newlin in the hit HBO series. What a lot of fans might not know is that Michael also writes and has a new project in the works. He’s creating his first comic book series and it’s coming out via Zachary Quinto’s company Before The Door Pictures.

Lucid is the title of the series and Michael talked on a panel recently at the Long Beach Comic-Con about the project. It takes place in a parallel universe, much similar to our own. He said it would look the same, but there’ll be a new president named Jefferson Monday. He’s a promised figure for change. There’ll be secret agents with magical powers, called combat mages. They’ll be protecting the realm of Unites States, England, China, and other areas. The story centers around the adventures of the main character Matthew Dee.

Here is a video clip of Michael during the panel discussion.

(Photo credit: IMDb.com)