Michael McMillian talks about his New Comic Lucid

September 12, 2010 by  

Michael McMillian True Blood Rev. Steve Newlin at Comic-con 2010Michael McMillian on Lucid:

Michael McMillian, known to most of us as Reverend Steve Newlin, sat down and answered some questions about the comic LUCID that he was involved in writing. First, he thanked everyone involved in the project and stated that fans have been positive about it and he comments that he is really excited about where the book is going. Michael talks at Comic Con that his favorite part of the book that he wrote involves Twitter! The graphics look great and he definitely is very proud of the artist’s work that was involved in the comic. Michael spills the beans about where book 2 will go, he explains that it will go further into the history of magic, and spells. Book 2 will also involve some major political world powers. He does say that he could change his mind and it could be completely different.

Michael McMillian has done an awesome job with his role as Steve Newlin and looks like he is doing just as good with his comic and really seems to be enjoying himself.