Michael McMillian Video Interview At The Long Beach Comic-Con

October 11, 2009 by  

MIchael-McMillian-ComicvineMichael McMillian was interviewed by Comicvine.com recently at the Long Beach Comic-Con to discuss his up and coming comic book project titled Lucid. During the video interview he gives lots of insight into the world of Lucid and how it came about.

Who says people forget their friends when they become famous? Zachary Quinto surely didn’t. Michael and Quinto went to college together and Quinto remembered his good friend’s love for comics. Zachary Quinto, known for his roles in Heroes and Star Trek, started a production company called Before The Door. One of their goals was to release comics, which is how Michael got involved. Michael pitched his idea about a year ago and they’ve been working on it since then, adding bits and pieces and developing new characters.

The series takes place in a parallel universe where all major world powers are trained in sorcery and magic. They are referred to as combat mages. The United States combat mage is Matthew Dee. He’s smart, rebellious, young, and sexy. A lot of elements are pulled to create the series, such as the history of magic, Arthurian legend, renaissance England, and recent century myths and legends in the United States. Michael says he knew a little bit about these topics, but had to do, and continues to do, a lot of research. He jokes that one day he might be able to write a book about them.

The first story is four issues long. It involves a world crisis where only Matthew can save us. It’s set in the United States, but does globe trot around. The first arc visits Sweden, England, United States, and a few others.

There’ll be a few historical figures that pop up, like John Dee in volume one. He was Queen Elizabeth I’s court magician, while Matthew Dee is that of the new President, Jefferson Monday. Michael wouldn’t say which other historical figures would show up, but he said it’s mostly original characters he’ll be using in the story. He did tell us about a character just recently created that he enjoyed. She’s from Britain and is a hot girl who can create zombies. He says he’s not reinventing the wheel. Magic is just an element in the story. It’s mostly a fantasy action adventure.

Michael‘s been writing a lot; he says actors tend to get a lot of free time. Starting to read comics in the 3rd grade, he said  he has wanted to write one ever since. Michael does state that he has other ideas that go alongside Lucid, but also ideas for separate projects as well. He hopes to work on them when Lucid is finished.

Some stuff he has been reading lately include Archaia’s new books, Jeffrey Brown and anything Mark Miller. He did mention in his interview that he met Stan Lee in San Diego and was absolutely freaking out. He said he had tears swelling up in his eyes. His favorite comic book character is Spiderman though he does love Fantastic Four especially The Thing.

He briefly talked about True Blood and how it was a dream to work on. He says Steve Newlin has a comic element to him, he’s kind of over the top. Michael begins to humor the interviewer with his Texan accent and said he had to watch a lot of George Bush videos for dilate – he was a great reference according to Michael. He studied other personalities in the evangelic world and religious right. He said it’s a role you easily fall into making fun of these people but he tries not to judge Steven Newlin too much because the pastor believes he is a hero.

While Michael is on his break from True Blood, he is going to continue working on his project Lucid that comes out Spring 2010, he says around March or April.  We all wish him the best of luck with his comic book series and look forward to seeing him back on True Blood.

SOURCE:  Comicvine.com